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Humphrey Bogart Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia for Seniors

Trivia questions with answers about Humphrey Bogart for seniors.


Humphrey Bogart Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia for Seniors

Humphrey Bogart named his production company, Santana, after what?
A: His boat.

The Germans wore grey, you wore blue, is a line from what Bogart film?
A: Casablanca.

Who did Humphrey Bogart marry, an actress, in 1945?
A: Lauren Bacall.

In what French city did Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman fall in love before re-meeting again in Casablanca?
A: Paris.

In the movies Dead End, Racket Busters, and Invisible Stripes, what did they have in common?
A: Bogart plays a character with a surname of Martin in all three movies.

Who informed Katharine Hepburn that, "the trouble with you miss, is you don't know anything about boats" in a 1952 movie, The African Queen.
A: Humphrey Bogart.

What fruit is Bogart obsessed with the theft of in The Caine Mutiny?
A: Strawberries.


Which movie star actor played the characters Dixon Steele, Charlie Allnut, and Philip Francis Queeg?
A: Humphrey Bogart.

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope meet Humphrey Bogart in what road comedy?
A: Road to Bali.

What Bogart movie won the Best Picture Oscar in 1943?
A: Casablanca.

What was Humphrey Bogart's first color movie in a starring role?
A: The African Queen.

In the Maltese Falcon, what was the name of Humphrey Bogart's detective agency?
A: Spade and Archer.

How does the word "Treasure" connect movies starring Humphrey Bogart, Billy Connolly and Nicolas Cage?
A: They all have the word treasure in their titles; National Treasure, Muppet Treasure Island, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

In Casablanca, what was Humphrey Bogart's gin joint called?
A: Rick's Cafe Americain.


How are the films The Pride and the Passion, The African Queen, and Sink the Bismarck connected?
A: They were all based on books written by C S Forester.

What Oscar-winning Humphrey Bogart movie contains the line "Round up the usual suspects"?
A: Casablanca.

Who directed the Bogart film Casablanca?
A: Michael Curtiz.


What was the Treasure of the Sierra Madre?
A: Gold.

What Bogart movie ends with the line " ...the stuff that dreams are made of"?"
A: The Maltese Falcon.

In The Maltese Falcon is set in what US city?
A: San Francisco.

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