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1952 Trivia Questions For Seniors

Trivia questions with answers about 1952 for Seniors.


How many refugees does West Germany have inside its borders?
A: 8 million.

What university admits its first black student?
A: The University of Tennessee.

In the United States, what is used for the first time in a human patient?
A: A mechanical heart.

Elizabeth II is proclaimed what?
A: Queen of the United Kingdom at St James's Palace, London, England.

What was held in Oslo, Norway.?
A: The Winter Olympics.

Emmett Ashford becomes the first what?
A:  African-American umpire in organized baseball.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill announces what?
A: That the United Kingdom has an atomic bomb.


What British society is founded?
A:  The British Psychological Society.

Where does General Fulgencio Batista re-takes power?
A: In Cuba.

The United States Senate ratifies a peace treaty with what country?
A: Japan.

Tornadoes ravage what part of the U.S., leaving 208 dead?
A: the lower Mississippi River Valley.

U.S. President Harry S. Truman announces what?
A: That he will not seek reelection.

In the Hague Tribunal, Israel demands reparations worth how much money from Germany?
A: $3 billion.

What happened during a severe storm in the West Ice, east of Greenland?
A:  78 seal hunters on 5 Norwegian seal hunting vessels vanish without a trace.


The American Research Bureau reports that the I Love Lucy episode, "The Marriage License" was the first TV show in history to what?
A: To be viewed in about 10,000,000 homes when the episode aired.

What U.S. aircraft flies for the first time?
A: The United States B-52 Stratofortress.

The United States Navy aircraft carrier Wasp collides with what?
A: The destroyer Hobson while on exercises in the Atlantic Ocean, killing 175 men.

Lever House officially opens at 390 Park Avenue in New York City, and it is the first what?
A:  International Style skyscraper.

U.S. lieutenant colonels Joseph O. Fletcher and William P. Benedict land a plane where?
A: At the geographic North Pole.

Who becomes the first woman to single-handedly sail the Atlantic Ocean?
A: Ann Davison.

The keel is laid for what U.S. nuclear submarine?
A: The USS Nautilus.


What ocean liner makes her maiden crossing of the Atlantic?
A: SS United States.

Where are the 1952 Summer Olympics held?
A: In Helsinki, Finland.

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake (Richter scale) strikes where in California?
A: Tehachapi.

Puerto Rico becomes a  what?
A: Self-governing commonwealth of the United States.

The Treaty of Taipei between Japan and the Republic of China goes into effect, to officially end what?
A: The Second Sino-Japanese War.

Dr. C. Walton Lillehei and Dr. F. John Lewis perform the first what?
A: Open-heart surgery at the University of Minnesota.

The Soviet Union vetoes whose application for membership in the United Nations?
A: Japan's.


The first British nuclear weapon is detonated in Australia making the United Kingdom the what?
A: The third nuclear weapons state.

The United States successfully detonates the first what?
A: Hydrogen bomb, codenamed "Mike", at Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

United States presidential election, 1952: Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower defeats what  Democrat Governor of Illinois?
A:  Adlai Stevenson.

The first official passenger flight over what is made from Los Angeles to Copenhagen?
A: The North Pole.

The first successful sex reasignment surgery was performed in Kopenhagen, making George Jorgenson Jr. become whom?
A: Christine Jorgenson.

November 21 – A show trial in Czechoslovakia sentences 11 ex-communist officials (all of them Jews) to death.

Who takes office as the President of Mexico?
A: Adolfo Ruiz Cortines.

The first successful surgical separation of what is conducted in Mount Sinai Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio?
A: Siamese twins.

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