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Tennessee Trivia Quiz - US States Trivia Quizzes With Answers

Trivia questions about the state of Tennessee with answers.


Tennessee Trivia Quiz - US States Trivia Quizzes With Answers

Tennessee is bordered by what other two US States to the north?
A: Kentucky and Virginia.

Which state borders Tennessee to the east?
A:  North Carolina.

What is the Tennessee State butterfly?
A:  Zebra swallowtail.

What three states border Tennessee to the south?
A:  Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

 Which two US states border Tennessee to the west?
A:  Arkansas and Missouri.

Tennessee's western border is formed by what river?
A:  The Mississippi.

 What is the Tennessee State bird?
A: Mockingbird.


What is Tennessee's capital and second largest city?
A:  Nashville.

What city is Tennessee's largest in population?
A:  Memphis.

The area that is now Tennessee used to be part of North Carolina, and later it was part of the what?
A: Southwest Territory.

What is the Tennessee State sport fish?
A: Smallmouth bass.

On what date was  Tennessee was admitted to the Union as the 16th state?
A:  June 1, 1796.

Tennessee was the last state to leave the Union at the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War, and the first state to what?
A: Be readmitted to the Union.

Tennessee provided more "what" for the Confederate Army than any other state?
A: Soldiers.


What are the Tennessee State insects?
A: Firefly and lady beetle.

Tennessee contributed more soldiers for the Union Army than any other what?
A:  Southern state.

The city of Oak Ridge was created to house the Manhattan Project's uranium enrichment facilities aiding the effort to build the world's first what?
A: Atomic bomb.

What is the Tennessee State agricultural insect?
A:  Honey bee

What location is considered by many to be the birthplace of the blues?
A: Beale Street in Memphis.

 Memphis is home to what record label, where musicians such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Charlie Rich began their recording careers?
A: Sun Records.

What is the Tennessee State wild animal?
A: Raccoon.


The success of the Grand Ole Opry in the 1930s helped make Nashville the center of the what?
A: Country music recording industry.

What are the names of the three brick-and-mortar museums that recognize Tennessee's role in nurturing popular music?
A: The Memphis Rock N' Soul Museum, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and the International Rock-A-Billy Museum.

What is the Tennessee State horse?
A: Tennessee Walking Horse.

In what city is Elvis Presley's Graceland residence and tomb?
A: In Memphis.

The modern spelling of the state  is attributed to what governor of South Carolina, who used this spelling in his official correspondence during the 1750s?
A: James Glen.

What is the Tennessee State tree?
A: Tulip poplar.

Tennessee borders how many other US states?
A: Eight.


What is the highest point in the state?
A: Clingmans Dome at 6,643 feet.

What is the Tennessee State evergreen tree?
A: Eastern red cedar.

What is the lowest point in the state of Tennessee?
A: The Mississippi River at the Mississippi state line.

What is the location of the geographical center of Tennessee?
A: In Murfreesboro.

What is the Tennessee State beverage?
 A: Milk.

Tennessee has more caves than anywhere else in the United States with how many documented caves?
A: Over 9,600.

What percentage of the US population resides within 600 miles of Nashville?
A: Fifty percent.

How many state parks does Tennessee have?
A: Fifty-four.


What is the Tennessee State reptile?
A: Eastern box turtle.

On average, how much rain does Tennessee per year?
A: About 50 inches.

What is the highest recorded temperature for the state of Tennessee?
A:  113 °F at Perryville on August 9, 1930.

What is the Tennessee State dance?
A: Square dance.

What is Tennessee's  lowest recorded temperature?
A:  −32 ° at Mountain City on December 30, 1917.

What is the Tennessee State fruit?
A:  Tomato.

Tennessee averages around  how many days of thunderstorms per annum?
A: 50 days.


Tornadoes can touch down anywhere in the state, with what part of Tennessee the most vulnerable?
A: West and Middle Tennessee.

Typically, how many tornadoes per year does the state average?
A: About 15.

What is the Tennessee State gem?
A:  Tennessee River pearl.

Tennessee leads the country in the percentage of total tornadoes that cause what?
A: Fatalities.

Tennessee was first inhabited by Paleo-Indians how long ago?
A: About 12,000 years ago.

What is the Tennessee State mineral?
A:  Agate.

The first recorded European excursions into what is now called Tennessee were Three expeditions led by Spanish explorers, which were the first recorded European excursions into the state. What were their names?
A:  Hernando de Soto in 1540, Tristan de Luna in 1559, and Juan Pardo in 1567.


What is the Tennessee State game bird?
A:  Bobwhite quail.

Settlers from the colony of South Carolina at Fort Loudoun, near present-day Vonore built the first what in 1756?
A: The first British settlement.

What is the Tennessee State rock ?
A:  Limestone.

During the American Revolutionary War who attacked Fort Watauga at Sycamore Shoals?
A:  An Indian named Dragging Canoe and his warring faction of Cherokee who sided with the British.

Most of the major battles of the American Civil War were fought in Tennessee, and most of the victory's went to which side?
A: The Union.

The Tennessee state legislature amended the state constitution to prohibit slavery on what date?
A: February 22, 1865.

What is the Tennessee State motto?
A:  Agriculture and Commerce.


Tennessee ratified the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, abolishing slavery in every state, on  what date?
A: April 7, 1865.

On August 18, 1920, Tennessee was the thirty-sixth and final state needed to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment providing women the right to what?
A: Vote.

What is the Tennessee State slogan?
A:  Tennessee - America at its Best.

 Memphis International Airport is the major hub for FedEx, and  it is the world's largest what?
A: Air cargo operation.

Tennessee's current state constitution, its third,  was adopted in what year?
A: 1870.

What are the four law enforcement groups that the state of Tennessee maintains?
A:  The Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation .

The Tennessee Constitution mandates that every County have an elected what?
A: Sheriff.

What is the Tennessee State amphibian?
A:  Tennessee cave salamander.

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