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Arkansas Trivia Questions And Answers

Fun Arkansas trivia quiz questions with answers


Arkansas Trivia Questions And Answers

Where does Arkansas rank compared to the rest of the states in size?
A: It's the 29th largest.

Where does Arkansas rank compared to the rest of the States in population?
A: 32nd.

Arkansas borders what state to the south?
A: Louisiana.

What is Arkansas' all-time record high temperature?
A: 120 °F at Ozark on August 10, 1936.

What is the capital city of Arkansas?
A: Little Rock.

What city in Arkansas has the most people?
A: Little Rock.

What is the official Arkansas state nickname?
A: The Natural State.


What is the predominant religion ?
A: Protestant.

On what date did the Territory of Arkansas get admitted to the Union?
A: June 15, 1836.

The name Arkansas is derived from the same root as the name for what other state?
A: Kansas.

The pronunciation of Arkansas with the final "s" being silent was made official in 1881, by the state legislature after a dispute arose between Arkansas's what?
A: Two U.S. senators .

What is the all-time record low temperature in Arkansas?
A: -29 °F at Gravette, on February 13, 1905.

The legislature passed a non-binding resolution in 2007 declaring the possessive form of the state's name to be what?
A: Arkansas's which has been followed increasingly by the state government.

The Mississippi River forms most of Arkansas's what?
A: Eastern border.


Arkansas, like most other Southern states, is part of the what?
A: Bible Belt.

Where is the highest point in Arkansas at 2,753 feet?
A: Mount Magazine in the Ouachita Mountains.

The Mississippi River has major tributaries that include the Arkansas River, the White River, and what?
A: The St. Francis River.

What State Park near Murfreesboro is the world's only diamond-bearing area where the public can dig for diamonds?
A: Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Arkansas has a dozen Wilderness Areas for outdoor recreation and are open to hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping totaling how many acres?
A: 158,444.

A US Forest Service survey found that 18,720,000acres or 56% of Arkansas's  total land area is what?
A: Forestland.

In Little Rock Arkansas in July, high temperatures average around 93 °F with lows around what?
A: 73 °F.


How many Fortune 500 companies are based in Arkansas, including Walmart?
A: Six.

Between 40 and 60 inches per year of "what" are typical throughout the state?
A: Precipitation.

Before the arrival of the white man, Arkansas was inhabited by what tribes?
A: The Caddo, Osage, and Quapaw.

What famous explorer visited the state in 1541?
A: Hernando de Soto.

In 2012, what percentage of the state's population was white?
A: 80.1%.

Napoleon Bonaparte sold Louisiana to the US in the year 1803, which included Arkansas, in a purchase known today as the what?
A: Louisiana Purchase.

On what date was the Territory of Arkansas organized?
A: On July 4, 1819.


When Arkansas applied for statehood, what issue was raised in Washington DC?
A: The slavery issue.

What did Arkansas vote to do when the Gulf states seceded from the Union in early 1861?
A: Arkansas voted to remain in the Union.

Arkansas seceded after President Lincoln demanded Arkansas troops be sent to where?
A: Fort Sumter.

Battles early in the Civil war that took place included the Battle of Cane Hill, Battle of Pea Ridge, and what other battle?
A: Battle of Prairie Grove.

Under the Military Reconstruction Act, on what date did Congress declare Arkansas restored to the Union?
A: In June 1868.

Who did President Dwight D. Eisenhower send, in September 1957, to Little Rock Arkansas?
A:  1000 troops from the active-duty 101st Airborne Division to escort and protect the African-American students.

Where was Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, born?
A: In Hope, Arkansas.


How many total years did Bill Clinton serve as Governor of Arkansas?
A: 12 years.

Arkansas's capital city has been Little Rock since 1821 when it replaced what?
A: Arkansas Post

During the Civil War when the Union armies threatened the city in 1862 the state capitol was moved to Hot Springs and later where?
A: Washington.

Arkansas has how many cities with populations above 50,000?
A: Nine.

How many people did Arkansas have according to the United States Census Bureau estimates on July 1, 2012?
A: 2,949,132.

European Americans are found mainly in the northwestern Ozarks and the central part of the state while African Americans live mainly in what parts of the state?
A: The southern and eastern parts.

What percentage of the population is employed in the agricultural sector in the state?
A: About 3%.


How many state parks does Arkansas have?
A: 52 state parks.

What is the most popular museum, with 604,000 visitors in 2012 in its first year?
A: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville.

What is one of the oldest sports in Arkansas?
A: Hunting.

In 1915 the state created what to regulate and enforce hunting.?
A: The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

When did the University of Arkansas first field a football team?
A: In 1894.

Arkansans when compared with the rest of the US, have a high incidence of premature death, infant mortality, cardiovascular deaths, and what?
A: Occupational fatalities.

Arkansas it typically ranked as one of the least healthy states to live in because of high obesity, smoking, and what?
A: Sedentary lifestyle.

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