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Easy Famous People Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free easy famous people trivia quiz questions with answers


Easy Famous People Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Which Gwen won Olympic gold on the athletics track?
A: Torrence.

Kitty Kelley wrote an Unauthorized Biography about which First Lady?
A: Nancy Reagan.

Which American athlete fell over during the final of the 3000 meters at the LA Olympics?
A: Mary Decker.

Which heptathlete was born on exactly the same day as footballer Herschel Walker.
A: Jackie Joyner Kersee.

How was choreographer William Busby Enos better known?
A: Busby Berkeley.

What is the name of Margaret Thatcher's husband?
A: Dennis.


Who was the first black tennis player to win the Australian Open?
A: Arthur Ashe

Who led a jazz band called The All Stars?
A: Louis Armstrong.

Who did Cassius Clay beat to win the world heavyweight title for the first time?
A:  Sonny Liston.

Who was Marilyn Monroe's last husband?
A: Arthur Miller.

Michael Flately was dubbed Lord of the what?
A: Dance.

What was boxer Joe Louis's nickname?
A: The Brown Bomber.


Which musical instrument is Dudley Moore famous for playing?
A: Piano.

Which TV evangelist did George Bush defeat to win the Republican nomination in 1988?
A: Pat Robertson.

Martina Navratilova changed nationality from Czech to what?
A: American.

Why would you consult Vidal Sassoon professionally?
A: To do your hair.

Who said "This is a dangerous and uncertain world" hours before his assassination?
A: John F. Kennedy

Who died after playing a round of golf at the La Moralejo Golf Club, Spain in 1977?
A: Bing Crosby.


Which 90s TV star's aunt starred in White Christmas?
A: Rosemary Clooney, aunt of George.

Which English princess was born the same day as athlete Carl Lewis?
A: Diana.

Which singer Sammy died of throat cancer in 1990?
A: Davis Jr.

Which First Lady was born Mamie Doud?
A: Mamie Eisenhower.

Which Spice nickname did Geri Halliwell have?
A: Ginger.

Which jockey was called The Shoe?
A: Bill Shoemaker.

How is Betty Joan Perske better known.
A: Lauren Bacall.

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