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Princess Diana Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about Princess Diana.


Princess Diana Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Who was Diana Princess of Wales?
A: Diana, Princess of Wales was a member of the British royal family.

What was her birth name?
A: Diana Frances Spencer.

When was she born?
A: On 1 July 1961.

Where was she born?
A: In Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk.

She was the fourth of how many children?
A: Five.

Who were her parents?
A: John Spencer, Viscount Althorp wife, Frances.

The Spencer family has been closely allied with the British royal family for how long?
A: For several generations.

Both of Diana's grandmothers had served as what?
A: Ladies-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The Spencer’s were hoping for a boy to do what?
A: Carry on the family line.

No name was chosen for a week, until they settled on what?
A: Diana Frances, after her mother and after Lady Diana Spencer, a many-times-great-aunt who was also a prospective Princess of Wales.

When was Diana baptized?
A: On 30 August 1961.

Where was she baptized?
A: At St. Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham.

She grew up with what three siblings?
A: Sarah, Jane, and Charles.

Her infant brother, John, died when?
A: Shortly after his birth one year before Diana was born.

The desire for an heir added strain to what?
A: The Spencer’s marriage.

Where was Althorp reportedly sent to, to determine the cause of the "problem"?
A: Harley Street clinics in London.

The experience was described as "humiliating" by whom?
A: Diana's younger brother, Charles: "It was a dreadful time for my parents and probably the root of their divorce because I don't think they ever got over it."

Where did Diana grow up?
A: In Park House, on the Sandringham estate.

The Spencer’s leased the house from whom?
A: Its owner, Queen Elizabeth II.

The royal family frequently holidayed at the neighboring Sandringham House, and Diana did what?
A: Played with the Queen's sons Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

How old was Diana when her parents divorced?
A: She was seven years old.

Her mother later began a relationship with whom?
A: Peter Shand Kydd.

When did she marry him?
A: In 1969.

Where did Diana live during her parents' separation in 1967?
A: With her mother in London.

During that year's Christmas holidays, Lord Althorp refused to what?
A: Let Diana return to London with Lady Althorp.

Shortly afterwards he won what?
A: Custody of Diana.

In 1972, Lord Althorp began a relationship with whom?
A: Raine, Countess of Dartmouth.

When did they marry?
A: In 1976.

Diana's relationship with her stepmother was what?
A: Particularly bad.

She resented Raine, whom she called what?
A: A "bully", and on one occasion Diana "pushed her down the stairs".

She later described her childhood as what?
A: "very unhappy" and "very unstable, the whole thing".

Diana became known as Lady Diana after what?
A: Her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer in 1975.

Diana was initially home-schooled under the supervision of whom?
A: Her governess, Gertrude Allen.

Where did she begin her formal education?
A: At Silfield Private School in Gayton, Norfolk.

When did she move to Riddlesworth Hall School, an all-girls boarding school near Thetford?
A: When she was nine.

In what year did she join her sisters at West Heath Girls' School in Sevenoaks, Kent?
A: In 1973.

She did not shine how?
A: Academically, failing her O-levels twice.

Her outstanding community spirit was recognized with what?
A: An award from West Heath.

She left West Heath when she was how old?
A: Sixteen.

Her brother Charles recalls her as being what?
A: Quite shy up until that time.

She showed a talent for music as a what?
A: An accomplished pianist.

Diana also excelled in what sports?
A: Swimming and diving.

What type of dance did she study?
A: She studied ballet and tap dance.

Diana spent time working as a nanny for whom?
A: The Robertsons, an American family living in London.

She also worked as a nursery teacher's assistant at what school?
A: The Young England School in Pimlico.

In July 1979, where did her mother buy her a flat?
A: At Coleherne Court in Earl's Court as an 18th birthday present.

She lived there with three flat mates until when?
A: 25 February 1981.

When did Lady Diana first meet Charles, Prince of Wales, the Queen's eldest son and heir apparent?
A: In November 1977.

How old was she?
A: She was 16.

Who was he then dating?
A: Her older sister, Lady Sarah.

They were guests at a country weekend during the summer of 1980 when she watched him what?
A: Play polo.

The relationship progressed when he invited her where?
A: Aboard the royal yacht Britannia for a sailing weekend to Cowes.

This was followed by an invitation to Balmoral (the royal family's Scottish residence) to do what?
A: To meet his family one weekend in November 1980.

Lady Diana was well received by whom?
A: The Queen, the Queen Mother and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Charles subsequently courted Diana where?
A: In London.

When did the Prince propose?
A: On 6 February 1981.

Lady Diana accepted, but their engagement was kept what?
A: A secret for the next few weeks.

Their engagement became official on what date?
A: 24 February 1981.

Diana selected a large engagement ring that consisted of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-carat white gold, which was similar to what?
A: Her mother's engagement ring.

The ring was made by whom?
A: The Crown jewelers Garrard.

In 2010, it became the engagement ring of whom?
A: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

What did the Queen Mother give Diana?
A: A sapphire and diamond brooch as an engagement present.

Following the engagement, Diana left her occupation as a what?
A: A kindergarten assistant.

For a short period she lived where?
A: At Clarence House, which was the home of the Queen Mother.

She then lived where?
A: At Buckingham Palace until the wedding.

Diana was the first Englishwoman in 300 years to do what?
A: Become the spouse of an heir apparent.

She was also the first royal bride to have a what?
A: A paying job before her engagement.

She made her first public appearance with Prince Charles at a what?
A: At a charity ball in March 1981 at Goldsmiths' Hall, where she met the Princess of Monaco.

Twenty-year-old Diana became Princess of Wales when she did what?
A: When married the Prince of Wales on 29 July 1981 at St Paul's Cathedral.

The service was widely described as a what?
A: A fairytale wedding.

It was watched by a global television audience of how many?
A: 750 million people while 600,000 spectators lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the couple en route to the ceremony.

At the altar, Diana inadvertently reversed the order of Charles's first two names, saying what?
A: "Philip Charles" Arthur George instead.

She did not say that she would what?
A: "obey" him.

That traditional vow was left out at what?
A: The couple's request, which caused some comment at the time.

Diana wore a dress valued at how much?
A: £9,000.

How long was her train?
A: 25-feet (7.62-metres).

On 5 November 1981, what was announced?
A: The Princess's pregnancy.

In January 1982—twelve weeks into the pregnancy—what happened to Diana?
A: She fell down a staircase at Sandringham, and the royal gynaecologist Sir George Pinker was summoned from London.

He found that although she had suffered severe bruising, the foetus was what?
A: Uninjured.

Diana later confessed what?
A: That she had intentionally thrown herself down the stairs as she was feeling "so inadequate".

In February 1982, pictures of what was published in the media?
A: A pregnant Diana in bikini while holidaying.

The Queen subsequently released a statement and called it what?
A: "the blackest day in the history of British journalism."

What was the date that the Princess gave birth to the couple's first son?
A: On 21 June 1982.

What did she name him?
A: Prince William.

The delivery took place under the care of whom?
A: Pinker in the private Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London.

Amidst some media criticism, she decided to take William—who was still a baby—on what?
A: Her first major tours of Australia and New Zealand.

A second son, Prince Harry, was born on what date?
A: On 15 September 1984.

The Princess asserted she and the Prince were closest during what?
A: Her pregnancy with Harry.

She was aware that their second child was a boy, but did not share the knowledge with anyone else, including whom?
A: The Prince of Wales.

Diana gave her sons wider experiences than was usual for what?
A: Royal children.

She rarely deferred to the Prince or to the Royal Family, and was often what?
A: Intransigent when it came to the children.

She organized her public duties around their what?
A: Timetables.

Five years into the marriage, the couple's incompatibility and age difference of almost 13 years became what?
A: Visible and damaging.

Charles resumed his relationship with whom?
A: His former girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles.

Diana later began one with whom?
A: Major James Hewitt, the family's former riding instructor.

In 1989, where did Diana confront Camilla about her and Charles's extramarital affair?
A: At a birthday party for Camilla's sister.

In December 1992, Prime Minister John Major announced what?
A: The couple's "amicable separation" to the House of Commons.

Although she blamed Camilla Parker Bowles for her marital troubles, Diana began to believe that her husband had also been what?
A: Involved in other affairs.

On 20 December, Buckingham Palace announced what?
A: That the Queen had sent letters to the Prince and Princess of Wales, advising them to divorce.

The Queen's move was backed by whom?
A: The Prime Minister and by senior Privy Counsellors.

In July 1996, the couple agreed on what?
A: The terms of their divorce.

When was the divorce finalized?
A: On 28 August 1996.

Diana lost the style "Her Royal Highness" and instead was styled what?
A: Diana, Princess of Wales.

As the mother of the prince expected to one day ascend to the throne, she continued to be regarded as a member of the royal family and was accorded what?
A: The same precedence she enjoyed during her marriage.

The Queen reportedly wanted to let Diana continue to use the style of Royal Highness after her divorce, but who had insisted on removing it?
A: Charles had insisted on removing it.

What happened on the 31st of August 1997?
A: Diana was killed in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris.

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