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Music Trivia Questions and Answers For Seniors

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Music Trivia Questions and Answers For Seniors

Only the best music trivia quiz questions about various music and musical topics.

What was Barry Manilow's first No 1 single?
A: Mandy.

Who has accumulated the most UK and US top ten albums and grossed most income from foreign touring?
A: Rolling Stones.

Who teamed up with Barbra Streisand for tell Him?
A: Celine Dion.

Which lady socked it to the Harper Valley PTA?
A: Jennie C Riley.

In which year did Al Stewart's Year Of The Cat make the charts?
A: 1977.

Who was the first female with two UK million-selling singles?
A: Celine Dion.


Which Canadian-born artist was the biggest-selling singles artist in the UK in 1991?
A: Bryan Adams.

Felix Cavaliere and Dino Danelli were in which group?
A: Rascals.

Which day of the week did the Mamas & Papas sing about?
A: Monday.

Who was back in the Angels classic 60s NO 1?
A: My Boyfriend.

Who did Celine Dion support in his Canadian tour in 1991?
A: Michael Bolton.

What is the name of Whitney Houston's daughter named after the baby's father?
A: Bobbie.

Who teamed up with Paul McCartney for ebony and Ivory?
A: Stevie Wonder.


Were the Doobie Brothers actually brothers?
A: No.

In 1978 how many weeks at No 1 were taken up by the Gibb family?
A: 28.

What was Taylor Dayne's first top ten hit?
A: Tell It To My Heart.

Who is Leslie Sebastian Charles in chart terms?
A: Billy Ocean.

What was the last No 1 in the 60s?
A: Someday We'll Be Together.

Who had a No 1 with Brand New Key?
A: Melanie.

Who had a 1994 No 1 with I Swear?
A: All-4-One.


Which UK guitarist co-produced Bob Dylan's album Infidels?
A: Mark Knopfler.

Which group wrote the songs for the movie Saturday Night Fever?
A: The Bee Gees.

Who was Saving All My Love For You?
A: Whitney Houston.

Who found himself Alone Again (Naturally)?
A: Gilbert O'Sullivan.

Manhattan Skyline and Open Sesame were on which album?
A: Saturday Night Fever.

1996 was the year of long-staying hits. How many No 1s were there?
A: Nine.

Who made NO 1 with Sledgehammer?
A: Peter Gabriel.


Which artist got Kangaroo in to the title of a top three hit?
A: Rolf Harris (Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport)

What word was used to describe Peggy March?
A: Little.

Which Barry had 70s chart success with Never Never Gonna Give You Up and Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe?
A: White.

On which Stevie Wonder album did he team up with Michael Jackson to sing Get It?
A: Characters.

Vision Of Love was the first British top ten hit for which female superstar?
A: Mariah Carey.

Under what name did Jefferson Airplane regroup at the top of the charts?
A: Starship.


Which No 1 began, "Sunshine came softly through my window today"?
A: Sunshine Superman.

Who recorded the album Stranger In Town?
A: Bob Serger.

To a year, when did Heart first have a top ten hit?
A: 1976.

How is Leslie Wundermann better known?
A: Taylor Dayne.

Who sang I'm Leaving It Up To You with Dale?
A: Grace.

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