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1987 Trivia Questions with Answers

Fun 1987 trivia quiz questions with answers about the 80s.


1987 Trivia Questions with Answers

Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman to be what?
A: Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

An Amtrak train en route from Washington, D.C. to Boston collides with Conrail engines at Chase, Maryland, killing how many people?
A: 16.

President Reagan undergoes prostate surgery, causing speculation about what?
A: His physical fitness to continue in office.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes for the first time above what?
A: 2,000, gaining 8.30 to close at 2,002.25.

Terry Waite, the special envoy of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Lebanon, is what?
A: Kidnapped in Beirut

What does Pennsylvania Treasurer Budd Dwyer do during a televised press conference after being found guilty on charges of bribery, fraud, conspiracy, and racketeering?
A: Shoots and kills himself with a revolver.

Who ends his term as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?
A: William J. Casey.


Who acquires American Motors?
A: Chrysler Corporation.

President Reagan addresses the American people on the Iran–Contra affair, acknowledging that his overtures to Iran had 'deteriorated' into a what?
A: An arms-for-hostages deal.

The Irish rock band U2 releases what studio album?
A: The Joshua Tree.

Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is given a 45-minute interview on what?
A: Television in the Soviet Union.

Showboat Casino Hotel first opens where?
A: In Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Simpsons cartoon first appears as a series of shorts on what TV show?
A:  The Tracey Ullman Show.

Klaus Barbie goes on trial in Lyon for what?
A: War crimes committed during World War II.


Eighteen-year-old West German pilot Mathias Rust evades Soviet air defenses and lands a private plane where?
A: On Red Square in Moscow.

Teddy Seymour is officially designated what?
A: The first black man to sail around the world.

The Supreme Court of the United States rules that a Louisiana law requiring that creation science be taught in public schools whenever evolution is taught is what?
A: Unconstitutional.

President Reagan nominates former Solicitor General Robert Bork to the what?
A:  Supreme Court. The nomination is later rejected by the Senate.

In the Soviet Union, Vladimir Nikolayev is sentenced to death for what?
A: Cannibalism.

According to the United Nations,  world population is estimated to have reached how many people?
A: Five billion.

Julian Knight, 19, goes on a shooting rampage in the Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill, Victoria, killing and wounding how many people?
A: Killing 7 people and injuring 19 before surrendering to police.


Who is found dead in his cell in Spandau Prison?
A: Rudolf Hess.

Michael Jackson releases what hit album?
A: Bad.

In Moscow, the trial begins for 19-year-old pilot Mathias Rust, who did what?
A: He flew his Cessna airplane into Red Square in May.

Where is the world's first conference on artificial life held?
A: At Los Alamos National Laboratory.

What Star Trek TV series premieres in syndication?
A: The Next Generation.

U.S. warships destroy 2 Iranian what in the Persian Gulf?
A: oil platforms.

The pilot of a British Aerospace BAE Harrier GR5 registered ZD325 accidentally what?
A: Ejects from his aircraft. The jet continues to fly until it runs out of fuel and crashes into the Irish Sea.


The first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Mainland China opens in what city?
A: Beijing, near Tiananmen Square.

What hits the Gulf of Alaska?
A: A tsunami.

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is signed in Washington, D.C. by whom?
A: U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

What programming language is created by Larry Wall?
A: Perl.

Thomas Knoll and John Knoll develop the first version of what?
A: Photoshop.

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