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Pennsylvania Trivia Quiz With Answers - US States Trivia Quizzes

Pennsylvania trivia quiz questions with answers.


Pennsylvania Trivia Quiz With Answers - US States Trivia Quizzes

Pennsylvania borders  what state to the southeast?
A: Delaware.

What is the Pennsylvania State Song?
A:  "Pennsylvania".

What US state shares a boarder with Pennsylvania  to the southwest?
A: West Virginia.

What four cities have the highest populations in the state?
A:  Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Erie.

What is the state capital of Pennsylvania?
A:  Harrisburg.

How much coastline does Pennsylvania have along Lake Erie?
A:  51 miles.

What is the State Insect?
A:  Pennsylvania Firefly.


Pennsylvania is one of the 13 original founding states of the what?
A: United States.

From north to south how long is the state of Pennsylvania?
A: 170 miles.

What state does Pennsylvania border to the south?
A:  Maryland.

How wide is Pennsylvania from east to west?
A: 283 miles.

How big is Pennsylvania in square miles?
A:  46,055.

Where does Pennsylvania rank as far as its size with the other states?
A: It's the 33rd largest state.

How many other U.S. States does Pennsylvania border?
A: Six,  New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.


Pennsylvania is the only one of the original 13 colonies that does not what?
A: Border the Atlantic Ocean.

How many recorded tornadoes were there in Pennsylvania in 2011?
A: 30.

Between 1730 and 1764, the Pennsylvania Colony made its own paper money due to a shortage of actual gold and silver. What was the paper money called?
A:  Colonial Scrip.

What is the Pennsylvania State Beverage?
A:  Milk.

The Masters-Penn mansion housed Pennsylvania's governor in the early 1770s and later it was the presidential mansion for what two presidents?
A:  George Washington and John Adams.

On December 12, 1787, Pennsylvania became the second state to do what?
A: Ratify the U.S. Constitution.

What is the State Tree?
A:  Eastern Hemlock.


What was the name of the first college to be established in the United States?
A: Dickinson College of Carlisle.

Pennsylvania accounts for  what percentage of all of the wooded area in the country?
A: 9%.

 Which state borders Pennsylvania  to the west?
A: Ohio.

James Buchanan was the only bachelor President of the U. S. and the only one to be born in what state?
A : Pennsylvania.

What is the Pennsylvania State Fish?
A:  Brook Trout.

About how many Pennsylvanians served in the Union Army?
A: An estimated 350,000.

Pennsylvania was the  location of the first commercially drilled oil well, drilled by who, in 1859, near Titusville?
A: Edwin Drake.


According to the  U S Census Bureau, the population of Pennsylvania was how many people on July 1, 2013?
A: 12,773,801.

What is the Pennsylvania State Fossil?
A:  Phacops rana.

In 2010 what percentage of Pennsylvania's  population was estimated to belong to an organized religion?
A: 53.8%.

Where does Pennsylvania's economy rank compared to the worlds countries?
A: It is the 18th largest in the world.

What is the State Dog?
A:  Great Dane.

What company is the largest private employer in Pennsylvania?
A:  Wal-Mart.

In what city was the first nationally chartered bank in the U.S., the Bank of North America, founded?
A:  In Philadelphia in 1781.


Where does Pennsylvania rank with the other states in agricultural production?
A: 19th.

What is the State Game bird?
A:  Ruffed Grouse.

In what year was Casino gambling was legalized in Pennsylvania??
A: In 2004.

How many constitutions has Pennsylvania had during its statehood?
A: Five. 1776, 1790, 1838, 1874, and 1968.

What is the State Flower?
A:  Mountain Laurel.

How many electoral votes does Pennsylvania hold?
A:  20.

Pennsylvania is divided into how many judicial districts?
A: 60.


Pennsylvania is the only state does not have a tax on what?
A: Gas drilling.

In Pennsylvania, counties, municipalities, and school districts all levy taxes on what?
A: Real estate.

How many counties does the state of Pennsylvania have?
A:  67.

With a population of 738, what is the smallest city in Pennsylvania?
A: Parker.

How many public school districts does Pennsylvania have?
A: 500.

In 1988, Pennsylvania's General Assembly passed Act 169, allowing parents or guardians to do what with their children?
A: Home school them.

The University of Pennsylvania was the first university in the United States and founded the America's first what?
A: Medical school.


What distinction does the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts have?
A: It's the first and oldest art school in the United States.

What was the first pharmacy school in the United States.?
A: The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

The country's first zoo was established where?
A:  Philadelphia.

A museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania is the only building in the world devoted to what magician?
A: Harry Houdini.

All the state's  121 state parks feature free what?
A:  Admission.

In Erie is the biggest indoor water park on the East Coast. What is it's name?
A: Splash Lagoon.

What is the State Animal?
A:  White-tailed deer.


How many licensed hunters are there in Pennsylvania?
A: About one million.

How many major airports are located in the state and what are their names?
A: Seven, Philadelphia International, Pittsburgh International, Lehigh Valley International, Harrisburg International, Erie International, University Park Airport and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International.

Where does the port of Pittsburgh rank in size compared to other states?
A: It is the second largest inland port in the U. S.

Where was Little League Baseball was founded?
A: In Williamsport.

Where does Arnold Palmer hail from?
A: From Latrobe.

Pennsylvania  manufactures more what than any other state??
A: Pretzels and potato chips.

What company introduced the pretzel?
A: The Sturgis Pretzel House.

D.G. Yuengling & Son, which is the country's oldest brewery, has been brewing beer where since 1829?
A: Pottsville.

What is the State Motto?
A:  "Virtue, liberty, and independence"

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