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John Adams Trivia Questions

Trivia questions with answers about President John Adams.


John Adams Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

On what date was John Adams born?
A: October 30, 1735.

On what date did John Adams begin presiding over the Senate?
A:  April 21 is the date on which Adams began.

What did John’s father want John to be?
A: A minister.

John Adams was the second president of the United States having previously served as the first what?
A: Vice president of the United States (1789-1797).

John Adams was a statesman, diplomat, and a leading advocate of what?
A: American independence from Great Britain.

John Adams was the primary advocate in the Congress for what?
A: Drafting the Declaration of Independence.

John Adams was opposed to and never owned a what?
A: Slave.


After the Boston Massacre, what did John Adams do?
A: He provided a principled, controversial, and successful legal defense of the accused British soldiers.

As a lawyer and public figure in Boston John Adams played a leading role in persuading Congress to do what?
A: Declare independence.

While president, Adams encountered attacks by his own Federalist Party led by what bitter enemy?
A:  Alexander Hamilton.

Adams assisted who in drafting the Declaration of Independence in 1776?
A: Thomas Jefferson.

As a diplomat in Europe, Adams helped negotiate the what?
A: Peace treaty with Great Britain.

John Adams was responsible for obtaining vital governmental loans from whom?
A:  Amsterdam bankers.

Adams was a political theorist and historian and in 1780 was largely responsible for writing what?
A: The Massachusetts Constitution.


John Adams was as a good judge of character, and in 1775, he nominated who to be to be commander-in-chief?
A: George Washington.

John Adams was a direct descendent of what group?
A: The founding generation of Puritans, who came to America in the 1630s.

John Adams nominated who to be Chief Justice of the United States.
A: John Marshall.

Adams' served how many terms as George Washington's vice president?
A: Two.

In 1758, after earning an A.M. from Harvard, Adams was admitted to what?
A: The bar.

What group ferociously attacked Adams during his one term as president?
A: The Jeffersonian Republicans.

In 1800, who defeated Adams in his bid for re-election?
A: Thomas Jefferson.


Adams and his wife founded a family line of politicians, diplomats, and historians, now referred to as the what?
A: Adams political family.

John was the father of what President of the United States?
A: John Quincy Adams.

Adams was the first president to live where?
A: In the White House.

Other than being John Adam’s wife, how was his wife Abigail related to him?
A: Third cousin.

Adams was the eldest of how many sons?
A: Three.

Who was John’s wife’s father?
A: Congregational minister, Rev. William Smith, at Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Where was John Adams born?
A: In what is now Quincy, Massachusetts.


Where did Massachusetts send Adams in 1774 and from 1775 to 1777?
A: To the first and second Continental Congresses.

John Adams's birthplace is now part of what?
A: Adams National Historical Park.

John Adams felt strongly that he had a responsibility to live up to his what?
A: Family heritage.

At what age did John Adams go to Harvard College?
A: Sixteen, in 1751.

After graduating in 1755 Adams taught school for a few years in what city?
A:  Worcester, Massachusetts.

On October 25, 1764, five days before his 29th birthday, what did John Adams do?
A: Married Abigail Smith.

What were the names of John and Abigail’s children?
A:  Abigail, John Quincy Adams, Susanna, Charles, Thomas Boylston, and Elizabeth (stillborn 1777).

Adams first rose to prominence as an opponent of the what?
A: Stamp Act 1765.

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