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Thomas Jefferson Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz questions about President Thomas Jefferson.


Thomas Jefferson Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Thomas Jefferson was an American what?
A: Founding Father and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.

At the beginning of the American Revolution, he served in the what, representing Virginia?
A: The Continental Congress.

Thomas Jefferson served as a wartime Governor of what state?
A: Virginia (1779–1781).

 In May 1785, Thomas Jefferson became the United States Minister to what European country?
A:  France.

Jefferson oversaw acquisition of the vast Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, and sent out what expedition in 1804?
A: The Lewis and Clark Expedition.

During his stint as president Jefferson did what to the size of the U.S.?
A: Doubled it.

Jefferson’s second term had a lot of troubles at home, such as the failed treason trial of his former what?
A: Vice President Aaron Burr.


In 1807 Jefferson drafted and signed into law a bill that did what?
A: Banned slave importation into the United States.

Jefferson is considered an important architect in the classical tradition, and he designed his own what?
A: Home Monticello and other notable buildings.

 Jefferson was extremely interested in invention, architecture, religion, philosophy and what?
A: Science.

What languages did Thomas Jefferson speak?
A: French, Greek, Italian, Latin, and Spanish.

Jefferson was an accomplished violinist and played with his wife Martha who was an accomplished what?
A: Piano player.

What university did Thomas Jefferson found?
A: The University of Virginia.

When did Martha Jefferson, his wife of eleven years, die?
A: In 1782.


Jefferson’s his slim physical form resembled that of whom?
A: His mother's family.

What promise did Thomas Jefferson keep to his wife Martha?
A: He would never remarry.

How many children did Thomas Jefferson and his wife Martha have?
A: Six.

What did Jefferson begin studying at the age of nine?
A: Latin, Greek, and French.

How many of Jefferson’s children survived to adulthood?
A: Two.

What did Jefferson depend on for his education throughout his life?
A: Books.

Thomas Jefferson expressed opposition to slavery throughout his life, yet he owned what?
A: Hundreds of slaves and freed only a few of them.


When the British burned the Library of Congress in 1814 Thomas offered to do what?
A:  Sell his collection of more than 6,000 books to the Library of Congress for $23,950.

Historians generally believe that Jefferson had a long-term relationship with whom?
A: Sally Hemings, one of his slaves.

It is believed by some historians that Jefferson fathered some or all of whose children?
A:  His slave Sally Hemings’.

Jefferson is consistently rated as one of the what?
A: Greatest U.S. presidents.

Thomas Jefferson was the third of how many children?
A: Ten children.

 On what date was Thomas Jefferson born?
A: On April 13, 1743.

Where was Thomas Jefferson born?
A: At the family home in a one and a half story farmhouse.


Who was Thomas Jefferson’s father?
A: Jefferson’s father was Peter Jefferson, a planter and surveyor who died when Jefferson was fourteen.

Jefferson's facial appearance resembled that of whom?
A: His father.

Who was Jefferson’s mother?
A:  His mother was Jane Randolph, daughter of Isham Randolph, a ship's captain.

When did Peter and Jane Jefferson marry?
A: In 1739.

Jefferson entered the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg at what age?
A: At age 16.

Jefferson was a diligent student graduating in 1762, and completing his studies in how long?
A: Two years.

In what year was Jefferson was admitted to the Virginia bar?
A: 1767.

In 1770, what happened to Jefferson's home as well as family library with 200 volumes?
A: It was destroyed by fire.

After Jefferson’s wife’s father John Wayles died in 1773, Martha and her husband inherited his what?
A: 135 slaves, 11,000 acres (4,500 ha; 17 sq mi) and the debts of his estate.

Later in life, Martha Jefferson suffered from what illness?
A: Diabetes.

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