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Religious Trivia Questions

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Religious Trivia Questions

What is the world's oldest monotheistic religion?
A:  Judaism

The Vedas are a central part of what religion?
A:  Hindu

Using the Catholic calendar, what is the 50 days following Easter called?
A:  Pentecost

Jewish boys have a Barmitsva at 13. What do girls get at the age of 12?
A:  A Batmitsva

What is the Islamic equivalent  to the red cross?
A: The Red Crescent


When addressing  the Pope, what is the correct term to use?
A:  Your Holiness

What is the literal meaning of rabbi?
A: My Master

Which one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode a red horse?
A:  Slaughter

Who is the Patron Saint of sailors?
A:  Saint Elmo

Which book of the Bible shares the title of a Bob Marley album?
A:  Exodus


Which group believes in "The Great Architect of the Universe"?
A:  Freemasons

What was the name of the organization that C T Russell founded?
A:  Jehovah Witnesses

What religions name means "The way of the Gods"?
A:  Shinto

Who is the Patron Saint of TV?
A:  St Clare

What is the commonly used name of the group known as Holy Spirit Association Unification Church?
A: Moonies


Duvali, Dushira and Holi are religious days in what religion?
A:  Hindu

In the Jewish faith,  what holiday is called" Head of the World"?
A:  Rosh Hashanah

Solomon built his temple on a hill. What is the name of the hill?
A:  Zion

Sukkot is a festival observed by what religion?
A:  Jewish

What is the official title of the ambassador of the Pope?
A:  Nuncio

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