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Free Easy Bible Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free easy printable trivia quiz questions with answers from the bible including things like Moses, Deuteronomy, apostles, Philistines, Revelations , Judas, Noah's ark and more!


In the Bible what was an adamant?
A:  Diamond

In which book of the Bible did Moses die?
A:  Deuteronomy

Exodus and which Bible book list the ten commandments?
A:  Deuteronomy

In the Bible David played the Kinnor. What is a Kinnor?
A: Lyre

Only one miracle is mentioned in all four gospels what is it?
A:  Feeding of 5000

In the Bible Cain built a city named after his son. What is the name?
A: Enoch

In what Bible book is "The love of money is the root of all evil" ?
A: Timothy 6: 10

Who got Judas job as the twelfth apostle?
A:  Matthias

In the Old Testament what is the first book of Moses?
A:  Genesis - first 5 all Moses books

David kills Goliath in which book of the Bible?
A:  Samuel

In the Bible what did David give Saul as a dowry for Michal?
A:  200 Foreskins from Philistines

In the Bible John the Baptist lived on wild honey and what?
A:  Locusts

Melita in the Bible where Paul was shipwrecked is where today?
A:  Malta

In the Old Testament whose name means Gods with us?
A:  Emanuel

What is the last book of the Bible?
A: Revelations

What kind of wood was Noah's Ark made from?
A: Gopher wood

In the bible - Leviticus - what was lapidation?
A:  Death by stoning

What language was the first complete bible in US printed in?
A:  Algonquin Indian

What animal is most  often mentioned in the Bible?
A:  Sheep

There are how many Bible Psalms?
A: 150