Religious Trivia Questions And Answers

Free religious trivia questions with answers about Rastafarians, Cardinals, Dead Sea Scrolls, and more!


Religious Trivia Questions And Answers

Marcus Garvey founded what?
A:  Rastafarians

What was the name of the Roman Emperor who made Sunday a religious holiday?
A:  Constantine

Which Saints day is the 23rd April?
A:  Saint George of England

What was discovered at Qumran?
A:  Dead Sea Scrolls

What group of men elect a Pope?
A:  College of Cardinals

Who is the patron saint of Gypsies?
A:  St Sarah

Where was Buddha born?
A:  Limbini Nepal

In what country did the Zoastrian religion begin?
A:  Persia or Iran

Who dictated the Koran to Mohammed?
A:  The Angel Gabriel

Who would write a decratal or rescript?
A:  The Pope

A sacerdotal person studies for what?
A:  The priesthood

St Cecilia is the patron saint of what?
A:  music

In February 1999, which was the fastest growing religion in the U.S.?
A:  Sikh

In Hinduism, which two letter word is the most sacred?
A:  Om

The Semites are a group descended from who?
A:  Shem - Noah's son

In Ancient Rome what Temple was dedicated to all of the Gods?
A:  Pantheon

The sighting of the new moon signals the start of what religious holiday?
A: Ramadan

Who is the Patron Saint of bricklayers?
A:  St Steven

Specifically, to what does Episcopal refer?
A:  Bishops

The second pillar of Islam Salah, involves what?
A:  Daily prayers