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Music Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers


Music trivia quiz questions with answers.


Music Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What is the minimum  number of musicians a band must have to be considered a "big band"?
A: Ten.

What musical instrument's sales escalated from 228,000 in 1950 to 2.3 million in 1971?
A: The guitar's.

What 1976 chart-topping song did Barry Manilow sing, but not write?
A: I Write the Songs.

What does the Italian musical term adagio mean?
A: Slow.

Who was the top-selling album artist of the 1970's according to Billboard?
A: Elton John.

What's the only group to claim two of the top ten best-selling singles of the 1970's?
A: The Bee Gees.


Who was the first country artist to sell over 10 million copies of an album?
A: Garth Brooks.

What band is named after a scuplture in Seattle that hums in the wind?
A: Soundgardem.

What two Frank Sinatra hits were tops for U.S. karaoke singers in 1993?
A: New York, New York and My Way.

What stringed symphonic instrument has a pedestal and a crown?
A: The Harp.

What studio did the Beatles use to record 191 songs?
A: Abby Road.

What jazz musician got his nickname by shortening "Satchel Mouth"?

A: Louis Armstrong.

What jazz trumpeter was dubbed the "Prince of Darkness"?
A: Miles Davis.

What did Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen lose in a 1984 auto accident?
A: An arm.

What Southampton junior high school musical was cancelled in 1994 when Shinnecock Indians objected to the " Ug-a-wug" song?
A: Peter Pan.

What classical conductor won posthumous Grammy Awards in 1991, 1992, and 1993?
A: Leonard Bernstein.

Who's "Monk" to jazz buffs?
A: Thelonious Monk.

What California group waited 22 years to score their first chart-toping single since 1966?
A: The Beach Boys.

What city's opera house does " The Phantom of the Opera" prowl?
A: Paris.


Who scored his first platinum album since 1978 with " The Icon Is Love " in 1994?
A: Barry White.

What Michael Jackson album spawned five chart-topping singles?
A: Bad.

What trumpeter became the oldest person ever to score a chart-topping single, in 1964?
A: Louis Armstrong.

What rock star was trying to bite the head off a bat in concert when the bat decided to bite back?
A: Ozzy Osbourne.

What Shania Twain recording became the best-selling country music album ever by a female artist, in 1996?
A: The Woman in Me.

What patriotic song was originally titled "The Defense of Fort McHenry?
A: The Star Spangled Banner.

Who's waxed more gold and platinum albums than any other solo female artist?
A: Barbara Streisand.


How many songs from the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" were released as singles?
A: Zero.

What singer for a 70's British rock quartet changed his name from Frederick Bulsara?
A: Freddie Mercury.

What rock'n'roll singer is memorialized by a eight-foot bronze statue in Lubbock, Texas?
A: Buddy Holly.

What Woody Guthrie song goes "From California to the New York island / From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters"?
A: This Land is Your Land.

What Pink Floyd song was banned by the South African government after it became an anthem for black school children?
A: Another Brick in the Wall.

What were the two most popular rock operas of 1969?
A: Hair and Tommy.


What are the two most common unbowed stringed instruments found in a symphony orchestra?
A: The Harp and the Piano.

What legendary soul singer wrecked his Corvette the first time he drove it?
A: Ray Charles.

What tenor received a record 165 curtain calls at a Berlin opera house in 1988?
A: Luciano Pavarotti.

What Beatles single lasted longest on the charts, at 19 weeks?
A: Hey Jude.




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