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Beatles Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Beatles trivia questions about Lennon, Harrison, Ringo, McCartney, Epstein, Blackjacks, and more!


Beatles Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

In March 1957, John Lennon, at the age of 16, formed a skiffle group with friends from what school?
A: Quarry Bank school.

They briefly called themselves the Blackjacks, but changed their name to the Quarrymen after discovering what?
A: That a local group was already using the name Blackjacks.

Paul McCartney, 15 at the time,  joined as a rhythm guitarist shortly after he and who met that July?
A: Lennon.

In February 1958, McCartney invited what friend to watch the band?
A: George Harrison.

Fourteen-year-old  George auditioned for Lennon, but Lennon initially thought Harrison was what?
A: Too young to join.

After a month of Harrison's persistence, they enlisted him as their what?
A: Lead guitarist.

By January 1959, Lennon's Quarry Bank friends had done what?
A: Left the group.


In January of 59 he began studies at what institution?
A: The Liverpool College of Art.

The three guitarists were playing rock and roll whenever they could find a what?
A: Drummer.

In January 1960, Lennon's art school friend Stuart Sutcliffe joined the band and he suggested changing the band's name to Beatals, as a tribute to who?
A: Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

The band used the name through May, when they became the what?
A:  Silver Beetles.

By the middle of August  they had changed the name to what?
A: The Beatles.

The Beatles auditioned and hired who in mid-August 1960 to be the drummer?
A: Pete Best.

Sutcliffe left the band early that year to do what?
A: Resume his art studies in Germany.

McCartney took up the what?
A: Bass.


The Beatles enjoyed increasing popularity in Liverpool with what growing movement?
A: Merseybeat.

However, the Beatles were growing tired of the monotony of what?
A: Appearing at the same clubs night after night.

In November 1961, during one of the group's frequent performances at the Cavern Club, they encountered Brian Epstein, a what?
A: A local record-store owner and music columnist.

The band appointed him as their what in January 1962?
A: Manager.

Martin's first recording session with the Beatles took place where?
A: At EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London on 6 June 1962.

Martin immediately complained to Epstein about Best's poor drumming and suggested they do what?
A: Use session drummer in his place.

The band replaced Best in mid-August with whom?
A: Ringo Starr, who left Rory Storm and the Hurricanes to join them.

Released in early October, "Love Me Do" peaked at what number on the Record Retailer chart?
A: Seventeen.


Their television debut came later that month with a live performance on what regional news program?
A:  People and Places.

By 1963, The Beatles had agreed that all four band members would contribute vocals to their albums – including Starr, despite his what?
A: Restricted vocal range.

Lennon and McCartney had established a what?
A:  Songwriting partnership.

On 11 February 1963, the Beatles recorded ten songs during a single studio session for their what?
A: Debut LP, Please Please Me.

Released in January 1963, two months ahead of the album of the same name, the song Please Please Me reached number one on every chart in London except which one?
A:  Record Retailer, where it stalled at number two.

Released in March 1963, the album initiated a run during which eleven of their twelve studio albums released in the United Kingdom through 1970 reached what?
A: Number one.

The band's third single, "From Me to You", came out in April and was also a chart-topping hit, starting an almost unbroken string of how many British number-one singles for the Beatles?
A: Seventeen.

In August, the band's fourth single, "She Loves You", achieved  what?
A: The fastest sales of any record in the UK up to that time, selling three-quarters of a million copies in under four weeks.

It became their first single to sell what?
A: A million copies.

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