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Music Trivia Quiz Questions For Seniors

Free music trivia quiz questions about albums for seniors.


Music Trivia Quiz Questions For Seniors

What was Sinatra's first album of the 1960s?
A: Nice and Easy.

On which album did Rhiannon first appear?
A: Fleetwood Mac.

John Illseley, Alan Clark and Terry Williams have been on mega-selling albums with which band?
A: Dire Straits.

The Logical Song appeared on which Supertramp album?
A: Breakfast In America.

Which singer joined Led Zep for The Battle Of Evermore on Four Symbols?
A: Sandy Denny.

What was The Rolling Stones' second album called?
A: The Rolling Stones No 2.

What color shirt does James Taylor wear on the cover of Sweet Baby James?
A: Blue.


Which 1990 chart toppers had five entries in the album charts at Christmas the same year?
A: New Kids On The Block.

Van Halen's 5150 took the title from the police code for what?
A: Escaped lunatic.

Which Sinatra album feature Cheek To Cheek and Just In Time?
A: Come Dance With Me.

Which mid-70s No 1 album sleeve shows two men shaking hands in an empty street, with one man on fire?
A: Wish You Were Here.

Pearl Jam's Ten was named after the number of which baseball player?
A: Mookie Blaylock.

Whose albums include The Soul Cages and Nothing Like The Sun?
A: Sting.

In which year did Wings release Venus And Mars?
A: 1975


November Rain was on which Guns'N'Roses album?
A: Use Your Illusion 1.

Which Russ produced Eric Clapton's Unplugged Album?
A: Titelman.

Which guitarist Joe joined The Eagles on Hotel California?
A: Walsh.

On which Rubber Soul track did George Harrison play sitar?
A: Norwegian Wood.

Which Phil Collins album featured Sussudio?
A: No Jacket Required.

Which album was knocked off the No 1 slot by Elton John's Goodbye Yellow brick Road?
A: Goat's Head Soup.


Which album first featured the track You Wear It Well?
A: Never A Dull Moment.

Which label did REM's Out Of Time appear on?
A: Warner Bros.

Which guitarist produced Madonna's Like A Virgin?
A: Nile Rodgers.


John McVie played bass with which major album-selling band?
A: Fleetwood Mac.

Which of the Rolling Stones' albums featured Miss You and Beast Of Burden?
A: Some Girls.

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