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Breakfast Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Breakfast Trivia quiz with answers about breakfast and breakfast food.


Breakfast Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What is breakfast?
A: Breakfast is typically the first meal of a day, most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the day's work.

The word in English refers to breaking what?
A: The fasting period of the prior night.

The Old English word for dinner, disner, means to what?
A: Break a fast, and was the first meal eaten in the day until its meaning shifted in the mid-13th century.

It was not until the 15th century that “breakfast” came into use in written English to describe what?
A: A morning meal.

While breakfast is commonly referred to as "the most important meal of the day", some epidemiological research indicates what?
A: That having breakfast high in rapidly available carbohydrates increases the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Present professional opinion is largely in favor of eating breakfast, but some contest the positive implications of its what?
A: "Most important" status.

In the contemporary UK and Ireland, a weekday breakfast may involve a cereal dish, such what?
A: Muesli, porridge or cereal.

What are the two most popular drinks to go with breakfast?
A: Tea and coffee.

Marmalade, originally a Portuguese confection, had been a popular British spread to consume when?
A: In the evening, before the Scots moved it to the breakfast table in the 18th century.

It is however becoming very common to 'skip breakfast' entirely or do what?
A: Take coffee or pastries on the morning commute.

Portable quick snacks such as granola bars, ready-cut fruit and warm takeaway foods are becoming what?
A: Increasingly commonly consumed away from home.

Where are these takeaway foods sold?
A: At commuting points and newsagents and local shops in all urban areas.

The traditional breakfast most associated with Britain and Ireland remains, however, the what?
A: "Full breakfast".

What does a full breakfast typically consist of?
A: Eggs (fried, scrambled, or poached) with bacon and sausages, usually with mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, fried bread, black pudding or white pudding and toast.

The full breakfast comes from a time when hard labor was common and calorie intakes were necessarily higher, but it is nowadays regarded as a what?
A: A meal for the weekend or holidays.

A healthy and nutritious version consists of grilling the protein and using poached eggs, rather than what?
A: Fried, eggs.

The "full Scottish breakfast" tends to omit pork sausages and what instead?
A: Beef sausages or lamb haggis instead.

At its most extensive it consists of what?
A: Eggs, square sausage, fried dumpling, potato scone, tomato, mushrooms, bacon beef links and fried bread.

Originating in the British isles during the Victorian era, the full breakfast is among the most what?
A: Internationally recognized British dishes.

Another traditional British breakfast consists of what?
A: Porridge, although now associated with Scotland.

Porridge has been consumed across Britain as a staple food since at least when?
A: The middle Ages.

Before the arrival of American-style breakfast cereals in the early 20th century, what was the common daily breakfast?
A: Dried bread soaked in hot milk or tea and porridge (boiled oats).

Leftover vegetables (often, cabbage) and potatoes not eaten the night before were often served how?
A: Re-fried becoming 'bubble-and-squeak'; in Ireland the dish is known as colcannon.

Traditionally, breakfast would be served with a small amount of what?
A: Fruit, such as a slice of orange, believed to prevent the onset of scurvy.

Also traditional, but now less popular breakfasts included fish in the form of what?
A: Kippers (smoked herring) with poached egg and toast.

Most British breakfasts are consumed with what beverages?
A: Tea, coffee or fruit juice.

A continental breakfast in UK and Irish hotels normally consists of what?
A: Baked goods (fresh bread, toast, pastries such as croissants or pain au chocolate etc.) slices of cheese and cold meat, cereal, yogurts, fruit and drinks like coffee, tea or fruit juices.

Breakfast in Canada is similar to that of what country?
A: The US.

Traditional breakfast foods include what?
A: Pork sausages or bacon, fried potatoes, eggs, toast, cereals, pancakes (or French toast) and maple syrup, or hot oatmeal.

The average starting time for breakfasts in the United States has been found to be when?
A: 8:12 a.m, and varies from 8:08 a.m. in the South to 8:17 a.m. in the West.

In the Southeastern United States, what are popular for breakfast?
A: Grits, and biscuits and gravy are popularly eaten at breakfast.

In many regions around the country, bagels are a common breakfast item, and are often served how?
A: Sliced in half, toasted, and spread with butter or cream cheese or other toppings.

Another popular breakfast item in the United States is what?
A: Doughnuts, which are often consumed exclusive of other breakfast foods.

In the United States, 65% of coffee is drunk when?
A: During breakfast hours.

Milk is also widely consumed, drunk either plain or prepared with what?
A: Various flavorings, such as chocolate or strawberry.

What is a typical breakfast sandwich?
A: A breakfast sandwich is composed of egg, cheese, and cooked breakfast meat such as bacon or sausage, on a roll, although regional varietals are common.

In New Jersey, bacon is often swapped out of the breakfast sandwich and replaced with what?
A: A processed meat called Pork Roll (also known as Taylor Ham).

A variation is the “what”, which originates from Southwestern and Tex-Mex cuisines?
A: Breakfast burrito.

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