World Food Trivia Questions With Answers

International and world food trivia quiz questions with answers.


World Food Trivia Questions With Answers

In cookery what kind of food is served farci ?
A: It's stuffed

What is Gohan?
A:  Japanese Rice

In a formal Japanese meal, what is always served early?
A:  Sashimi - raw fish

In Chinese cookery, what is the most commonly used oil?
A:  Groundnut or Peanut

What is the triangular shaped Indian pastry containing spiced meat?

A:  Samosa

Which small animal provides 50% of all the protein eaten in Peru?
A:  Guinea Pigs


What type of food is coulibac?
A:  Russian Fish Pie

If you ordered Tori Udon In a Japanese restaurant, what is Tori Udon?
A: Thick Noodles with Chicken broth

In Scotland, what is a spurtle?
A: A spoon.

If you ordered unagi in a Japanese restaurant, what would you get?
A:  Eel

What Lop cheong are Chinese what?
A: Sausages

The French call it pomplamouse, what do we call it?
A:  Grapefruit

Miso a basic ingredient in Japanese cooking is made of what?
A: Soybean paste


What is the staple food of one third of the world's population?
A: Rice.

 What is the important ingredient in Chinese birds nest soup
A:  Bird Saliva

 If you were eating fragrant meat in Hong Kong, what kind of meat would you be eating?
A: Dog meat.

What kind of Italian stew translates as "Bone with a Hole"?
A:  Osso Bucco

French fried potatoes were invented in what country?
A: Belgium

Japanese Soya noodles are made from what?
A:  Buckwheat