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Trivia Questions About Inventors and Inventions

Free trivia questions with answers about famous inventors and inventions.


Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About Inventors and Inventions

Scissors were invented by whom?
A: Leonardo Da Vinci.

In 1895, the world's first disposable what was made by King Camp Gillette?
A: Razor Blade

J H Robertson invented what?
A: Automatic Transmission

What did Mege-Mouries invent in 1870 and winning a Napoleon prize for his efforts?
A: Margarine.

Benjamin Franklin invented it and in 1916 Britain tried . What was it?
A: Daylight saving Time

Between 1804 - 1873 1,676 patents were issued for what type of household item?
A: Washing Machine

In what country were bagpipes invented ?
A: Iran - Persia at the time.

In 1858, Hamilton Smith invented what kind of machine?
A: A washing machine

Craven Walker invented what fashionable icon the 1960s?
A: Lava lamp


Percy Shaw invented what in 1934?
A: Cats eyes

Thomas Edison invented what kind of paper?
A: Wax paper

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, but what did his father Immanuel invent?
A: Plywood

Who invented the rocking chair?
A: Benjamin Franklin

What did Peter Goldmak invent in 1948?
A: LP record

In what country was the world's first water clock invented?
A: China

In which country  were Venetian Blinds invented?
A: Japan


What musical instrument was invented by Jean-Christopher Denner ?
A: Clarinet

Johannes Ostermeir invented what kind of photographic accessory?
A: Flashbulbs

What did Garnet Carter of Chattanooga invent in 1926?
A: Miniature Golf

Charlton C McGee invented what type of mechanism in 1935?
A: The parking meter

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