Trivia Questions With Answers!

Cat Trivia Questions With Answers

Free fun cat trivia quiz questions and answers.


Cat Trivia Questions With Answers

What color is an ocelot?
A: Yellow with black markings.

What cat does not have a tail?
A: Manx.

In the film "Bringing Up Baby", what kind of animal was featured?
A: Leopard.

What was the cross-eyed lion's name in 'Daktari'?
A: Clarence.

What animal was the body of the Egyptian Sphinx based on?
A: Lion.

What is the fastest land mammal?
A: Cheetah.

What animal was the symbol of liberty in ancient Rome?
A: Cat.


Alphabetically, what animal comes last in the Chinese horoscope?
A: Tiger.

Cats are feline, what are sheep?
A: Ovine.

International Trivia Questions and ...
International Trivia Questions and Answers

What can a cheetah not do that a tiger and a puma can do?
A: Retract it's claws.

House cats have how many claws in total?
A: 18.

What is the largest member of the cat family?
A: Tiger.

In the navy, what was the name given to a whip often used?
A: Cat of nine tails.

Who is the policeman you associate with Top Cat?
A: Officer Dibble.


Year of the Cat was a song by what artist?
A: Al Stewart.

Which cat "vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin"?
A: Cheshire Cat.

What type of electrical device used a "Cat's Whisker".
A: A radio.

What is the name of the cat that became a star of the commercials for Whiskas?
A: Arthur.

What is the name of the cat that Tony Blair inherited in 1997 from John Major?
A: Humphrey

Who played the part of Pussy galore in the film Goldfinger?
A: Honor Blackman

In medical CAT scans what do any 2 of 3 letters of CAT stand for?
A: Computerized Axial Tomography.


Who composed the music for the Pink Panther films?
A: Henry Mancini.

Which chart-topping 70s group took their name from 1 of TS Elliot's "Cats?
A: Mungo Jerry.

Mountain lions are sometimes called what other name?
A: Puma.

For the musical "cats" who wrote the music?
A: Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Jaguars live on what continent?
A: South America,

July and August are two months in which star sign?
A: Leo.

What cat was the first character to make the transition from movie screen to cartoon strip?
A: Felix.

What animal can run at a speed of 70 miles per hour?
A: Cheetah.

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