China Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free trivia questions and answers about China, Chinese culture, history and more.


China Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

In which Asian country did a Cultural Revolution take place in the 1960s?
A: China.

In what country did India ink originate?
A: In China.

Translated as The People's Daily, in what country is this a major seller?
A: China.

On the Chinese flag, what is the main color?
A: Red.

During the Cultural revolution almost every Chinese citizen had a copy of Mao Zedon's what?
A: Little Red Book.

In February of 1979, what country did 300,000 Chinese troops invade?
A: Vietnam.

Who did Apple remove from its "Think Different" ad campaign in Hong Kong, so they would not offend China?
A: The Dalai Lama.


The animal that is the source of cashmere, a soft wool, is what?
A: The Kashmir goat which lives in India, China, and Iran.

Victoria, Cheshire, Poland China, and Berkshire, are breeds of what animal?
A: The pig.

There are only two species of this animal, one living in China and one in Mississippi, what is it?
A: Alligator.

What kind of animals are Zebus?
A: Humped cattle found in China, India, and northern Africa?

Where in the Chinese city of Beijing, did students build a Goddess of Democracy in May 1989?
A: Tiananmen Square.

Microsoft was embarrassed when its Taiwanese programmers inserted anti-communist slogans into software headed for where?
A: China.

The widow of which Chinese leader was arrested for trying to overthrow the government?
A: Mao TseTung.


What country were fireworks invented in?
A: China.

Porcelain ceramic earthenware was produced in what country from feldspar and china clay?
A: China

What landmark in China was visible from space?
A: Great Wall of China.

Chinese writings dating to the 4th century B.C. talk of fishing with a bamboo pole, silk fishing line, and a hook made from a needle, but what did they use for bait?
A: Cooked rice.

What country was the only one still making steam locomotives in 1990?
A: China.

Americans call the Huang HO, China's second-longest river, what?
A: Yellow River.

Which island call itself the Republic of China?
A: Taiwan.


What do the Chinese call kwai-tsze, or "quick little fellows?
A: Chopsticks.

Which Asian country is home to 21 percent of the worlds population?
A: China.

In China in 1992, how many expressways did Chinese drivers have to choose from?
A: Zero.

What female reporter was the only female reporter to accompany Richard Nixon on his historic trip to China?
A: Barbara Walters.

Beijing, a city in China, was previously know as what city?
A: Peking.

The first US entertainment show to be shown in what country was The Man From Atlantis?
A: China.

What was the name of the TV series was the first one to air in mainland China?
A: Baywatch.

What was the name of the third wife of the leader of China's Long March?
A: Jiang Qing.

The Chinese, in 240 B.C. first sighted what comet?
A: Halley's Comet.

Who overthrew the emperor in China establishing a republic after 2,000 years of imperial rule?
A: Sun Yat Sen.

In China, what are the Chicago Bulls know as?
A: The Red Oxen?