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Mississippi Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions about Mississippi with answers.


Mississippi Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What city is the state capital of Mississippi?
A: Jackson.

Mississippi had the highest rate of "what" of any U.S. state from 20052008?
A: Obesity.

In 1987, Mississippi repealed its ban on what?
A:  Interracial marriage.

What is the name of the largest city in Mississippi?
A: Jackson.

Where did  the state derive its name from?
A: The Mississippi River.

Until after the Civil War Mississippi had no educational institutions for what group?
A: African Americans.

Where does Mississippi rank as far as state populations go?
A: It's the 31st most populous State.


In 1995, Mississippi symbolically ratified which constitutional amendment?
A: Thirteenth Amendment.

Mississippi's  catfish farms produce most of the farm-raised catfish consumed in the what?
A: United States.

What is the Mississippi state symbol?
A: The Magnolia grandiflora tree.

In 1966, Mississippi was the last state to officially repeal statewide prohibition of what?
A: Alcohol.

What is Mississippi's state flower?
A: The Magnolia

The Mississippi state bird is the what?
A:  Mockingbird.

Of all the states, Mississippi  is the "what"?
A: Poorest state in the country.


Which state borders Mississippi on the north?
A: Tennessee.

On September 27, 1830, the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was signed between the U.S. Government and the Choctaw and article 14 in the treaty allowed those Choctaw who chose to remain in the state to do what?
A: Become U.S. citizens.

What US state borders Mississippi on the east?
A:  Alabama.

The US state of Mississippi ranks first in the nation for what three health related issues?
A: High blood pressure, diabetes, and adult inactivity.

What is the largest lake in the state of Mississippi?
A:  Sardis Lake.

The entire state of Mississippi is made up of what?
A: Lowlands.

The point with the highest elevation in Mississippi is what?
A:  Woodall Mountain  at 806 feet  above sea level.


On August 17, 1969, what category 5 hurricane hit the Mississippi coast?
A: Hurricane Camille.

What is the coldest recorded temperature in Mississippi?
A: −19 °F, in 1966, at Corinth.

According to the Commonwealth Fund, how  is the state of Mississippi ranked among the US states for health care?
A: 50th or last place.

What is the hottest recorded temperature for Mississippi?
A:  115 °F, in 1930, at Holly Springs.

What kind of weather events are common in Mississippi?
A:  Thunderstorms.

What is the average number of tornadoes that Mississippi experiences each year?
A:  27.

During the Civil Rights Movement students and community organizers from across the country came to Mississippi  to do what?
A: To help register black voters and establish Freedom Schools.


How many F5 tornadoes have occurred in Mississippi?
A:  About seven.

In the early 20th century, jobs were pretty much restricted only to whites, including what?
A:  Child workers.

When was the first school for blacks created in Mississippi?
A: In 1862.

In Mississippi, slaves were used to build levees along the Mississippi River to control what?
A: Flooding.

The state took over levee building on the Mississippi from 1858 to 1861using contractors and hired labor because, planters considered their slaves too what?
A: Too valuable for such dangerous work.

In what year did the French establish Fort Rosalie, what is now Natchez ?
A: 1716.

How many people died as a result of Hurricane Camille?
A:  248 people.


 In 1822, it became illegal to inflict cruel and unusual punishment by owners on their own what?
A:  Slaves.

Mississippi is consistently ranked as the most "what" state in the county?
A: Religious.

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 broke through the system of levies and caused the flooding of how much area in square miles?
A: 27,000 square miles.

On what date did Mississippi become the 20th state admitted to the Union?
A: On December 10, 1817.

What was the name of the first elected governor of Mississippi?
A:  David Holmes.

When cotton was the dominant crop in the 1850s, Mississippi plantation owners became wealthy in due in large part to the cheap labor supplied by their what?
A: Slaves.

By 1860, how many slaves were there in the state of Mississippi?
A: 436,631 which was 55% of the state's population.


Mississippi was, on January 9, 1861, the second state to do what?
A: Declare its secession from the Union.

The state of Mississippi was one of the founding members of what?
A: The Confederate States of America.

How many troops fought in the Civil War from the state of Mississippi?
A: More than 80,000.

On what date was Mississippi restored to the Union?
A: On February 23, 1870.

In 1890, white legislators created a new constitution with electoral and voter registration provisions that disfranchised who?
A: Most blacks and many poor whites.

Mississippi has the highest teenage "what" in the Country at over 60% higher than the US average?
A: Teen birth rate.

After the Civil War, religion was gaining influence and the South became known as what?
A: The Bible Belt.

Over the course of the Civil War, 30,000 mostly white  men from Mississippi men died, and many more were left  what?
A: Crippled.

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