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Community Trivia Questions With Answers

Jeff Winger is disbarred and suspended from his law firm when what is discovered?
A: That he lied about possessing his bachelor's degree.

Jeff enrolls at Greendale Community College to earn a what?
A: Legitimate degree.

Jeff quickly becomes attracted to one of his what?
A: Classmates, Britta Perry.

Jeff then pretends to run a study group in order to do what?
A: Spend time with her.

But his plans go awry when she invites who from the class to come along?
A: Abed Nadir, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Troy Barnes, and millionaire Pierce Hawthorne.

Despite their differences, the group what?
A: Quickly became close friends.

Who is Jeff Winger?
A: Jeff is a lawyer who enrolls at Greendale after being suspended from the law firm he worked for not having a bachelor's degree.


Jeff is an attractive, womanizing narcissist who will go to great lengths to avoid doing what?
A: Work.

Who is Britta Perry?
A: Britta is a former anarchist and activist who traveled around the world after dropping out of high school.

Britta is not as worldly or well-informed an activist as she thinks she is, but she does have a what?
A: Genuine and powerful desire to help others.

Who is Abed Nadir?
A: A film student, of Palestinian and Polish descent, with an encyclopedic knowledge of TV shows and movies.

Abed has trouble interacting with others, and his friends think that he might have what?
A: Asperger's.

Out-of-touch with reality at times, Abed is a keen observer of what?
A: Human behavior.

Often Abed is the shown to be the what?
A: Wisest member of the group.


Who is Shirley Bennett?
A: A single mother and vocal Christian.

Shirley is going to school to do what?
A: Start a brownie business.

Shirley is seen as the "what" of the group?
A: Mother.

Who is Annie Edison?
A: Annie is the youngest member of the group, a compulsive over-achiever, relentlessly organized and comparatively innocent.

Annie was extremely unpopular in high school and formerly addicted to what?
A: Adderall.

Annie can quickly turn obsessed or throw a “what”, when she fails to achieve or is denied something she strongly cares about?
A: Tantrum.

Who is Troy Barnes?
A:  Troy is a former high school star quarterback.


What did Troy lose?
A: His scholarship to a top-tier university when he separated both shoulders doing a keg flip.

Troy starts the series trying to appear cool and tough like a what?
A: Stereotypical football player.

Who is Craig Pelton?
A: Craig is the dean of Greendale, who desperately wants his school to be more like a real university.

Craig is an avid what?
A: Cross-dresser.

Who is Ben Chang?
A: Ben is an extremely unhinged Spanish professor.

It is revealed at the end of the first season that he never had what?
A: Qualifications to be a teacher in the first place.

Ben rejoins Greendale as a “what” in season 2?
A: Student.


Who is Pierce Hawthorne?
A:  Pierce is a millionaire who enrolls at Greendale out of boredom and an aimless attempt at self-discovery.

Pierce is often at odds with the rest of the study group because of his what?
A:  Self-importance, lack of empathy and casual bigotry.

Despite his often hostile and ignorant nature, Pierce desperately wants to what?
A:  Fit in with the group.

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