Nature Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Free fun nature trivia quiz questions with answers


Nature Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers
What continent's macro zamia tree lives for 7,000 years?
A: Australia's.

What determines the sex of crocodile embryos--temperature, humidity, or genetics?
A: Temperature.

What do imbibers know as the most prevalent fruit crop in the world?
A: Grapes.

What color are a zebra's black stripes during the first six months of life?
A: Brown.

What mollusk was obliged to share its name with the first waterproof watch?
A: The oyster.

What animal's flesh, when sun-dried in the Andes, becomes a jerky called charqui?
A: A Llama's.

What two colors are a magpie's feathers?
A: Black and white.


What can mutagens cause?

What drug did the University of Pennsylvania animal-behavior clinic prescribe for depressed dogs?
A: Prozac.

What amphibians do you raise if your run a ranarium?
A: Frogs.

What caused half of all deaths from natural disasters from 1945 to 1986?
A: Earthquakes.

What mineral accounts for 35 percent of the Earth's composition?
A: Iron.

What did the ancient Greeks believe to be a cross between a tiger and a horse?
A: A zebra.

What does the praying mantis store by the hundreds in oothecas?
A: Eggs.


What elemental event rejuvenates a prairie by causing more plants to grow taller, flower and produce seed?
A: Fire.

What simple creature is employed to turn organic garbage into "vermicompost"?
A: Worms.

What Greek announced in 420 B.C. that women suffer hysteria due t a "wandering uterus"?
A: Hippocrates.

How many days can an ant survive under water?
A: Two.

What's the term for an adult male pig?
A: Boar.

What creature's tongue weighs as much as a full grown elephant?
A: The blue whale's.

What amphibian did Pliny the Elder suggest be tied to the jaw, to make teeth firmer?
A: A frog.


What two trees did Ponce de Leon introduce to Florida in 1513?
A: Orange and lemon.

What creature goes through a period where it gains 10 pounds an hour?
A: A blue whale.

What's the least expensive and most popular fruit?
A: The banana.

How many feet tall are most cattle at the shoulder?
A: Five.

What rodents, believed to have great teeth, did ancient Romans often place live on the gums of a toothache sufferer?
A: Mice.

What does a bee larva have no chance of becoming if it stops eating royal jelly after three days?
A: A queen bee.

What city's streets and sidewalks received 175 tons of daily excrement deposits before a "Pooper scooper" law passed in 1978?
A: New York City's.


What people were the first to adopt a solar year, after noticing spring holidays were beginning to occur in winter?
A: The Egyptians.

What type of whale can dive over 2,000 feet?
A: The sperm whale.

What weather phenomenon is measured by the Beaufort scale?
A: Wind.

What European country accounts for most of the 30 percent of the world's prunes not produced in California?
A: France.

What's the most common trick a pet dog can perform?
A: Sit.

What organ's need for oxygen causes angina pectoris pain?
A: The heart's.

What tree-dwelling ape is known to Malaysians as the "person of the forest"?
A: The orangutan.

What organ of a buffalo did Plains Indians use to make yellow paint?
 A: The gallbladder.

What characteristic of minerals is described by the Mohs Scale?
A: Hardness.