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Seniors Famous People Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Seniors trivia quiz questions with answers about famous people.


Seniors Famous People Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Which photographer have Catherine Deneuve and Marie Hevlin married?
A: David Bailey.

Who founded the Coca Cola company?
A: Asa Chandler.

Who or what was Deep Blue, Gary Kasparov's famous chess opponent?
A: Computer.

Who was piloting the U-2 aircraft shot down over the USSR in 1960?
A: Francis Gary Powers.

Who retired as world Heavyweight champion in March 1949 aged 34?
A: Joe Louis.

Which bandleader had the first names Edward Kennedy?
A: Duke Ellington.


Who went to the electric chair for the murder of Charles Lindbergh junior?
A: Bruno Hauptmann.

Who was the sole survivor of the car crash in which Princess Dianna died?
A: Trevor Rees-Jones.

Where was Bessie Smith born?
A: Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Who wrote the novel On The Road?
A: Jack Kerouac.

Which President offered military aid to Korea in 1950?
A: Truman.

Who was the Bronx Bull who Sugar Ray Robinson defeated in 1951?
A: Jake La Motta.


In 1991 who was voted "the most successful Australian to get to the top with least ability" by students in Adelaide?
A: Kylie Minogue.

What was the first name of the baby in the Louise Woodward case?
A: Matthew.

Who were the first married couple to go to the electric chair?
A: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Ulrich Salchow was the first Olympic medalist in his sport and give his name to one of its jumps; what sport is it?
A: Skating.

Who was America's second man in space?
A: M Scott Carpenter.

Which poet read a poem at John F Kennedy's inauguration?
A: Robert Frost.


Who was charged with murder after the massacre at My Lai?
A: Lt. William Calley.

Who admitted that his "autobiography" of Howard Hughes was a hoax?
A: Clifford Irving.

Which cartoon strip was Charles Schulz's most famous creation?
A: Peanuts.

Sidney Bechet was famous for which musical instrument in addition to the saxophone?
A: Clarinet.

Who founded the American Institution of public Opinion?
A: George Gallup.

What was Malcolm X's real last name?
A: Little.

Who founded The Reader's Digest?
A: DeWitt Wallace.

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