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Military Trivia Questions and Answers

Free printable miscellaneous military trivia questions and answers


Free Miscellaneous Military Trivia Questions and Answers About War, Weapons, Armies and More!


Military trivia questions and answers.

Q: What marked the first time since the Revolution that the U.S. accepted direct financial aid to fight a war?
A:   The Persian Gulf War.

Q: What U.S. military base was won in the last major battle against Japan?
A: Okinawa.

Q: What opportunistic country declared war on Japan five days before its surrender in 1945?
A: The Soviet Union.

Q: What U.S. war broke out the same year the federal government first printed paper money?
A: The Civil War.

Q: What country did ever-prudent King Farouk I declare war on in 1945?
A: Germany.

Q: What Bill Murray Ghostbusters term did Persian Gulf Warriors use to describe being hit by chemical weapons?
A: Slimed.

Q: What did an enemy have to be, for a U. S. soldier to call him a "believer" in the Vietnam War?
A: Dead.

Q: What trials, beginning in 1945, spawned the phrase "I was only following orders"?
A: The Nuremberg war crimes trials.

Q:  What was the first war the U. S. took part in that was partially financed with lottery dollars?
A: The Revolutionary War.

Q: What southeastern state was the last to return to the Union after the Civil War.
A: Georgia. 

Q:  What Persian Gulf warrior called his young majors in charge of combat operations "Jedi Knights"?
A: Norman Schwarzkopf. 

Q:  Which two nations, constitutionally barred from military actions, sent money to support the Allied coalition against  Iraq in " 1991"?
A:  Germany and Japan.

Q: What Ohio city was the 1995 Bosnian peace accord signed in?
A: Dayton. 

Q: What Civil War general graduated first in the West Point class of 1829?
A:  Robert E. Lee

Q: What was the B-17 long-range bomber nicknamed in World War II?
A: The Flying Fortress.

Q: What English King introduced death by boiling and legalized the killing of gypsies?
A: Henry VIII.

Q:  What two continents have never been the site of a major military conflict?
A: Antarctica and Australia.

Q: Who returned to Russia from exile in October, 1917?
A: Vlaldimir  Ilyich Lenin.

Q: What song was the Navy band playing at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked?
A:  The Star-Spangled Banner.

Q: What was the first war in which one jet plane shot down another/
A: The Korean War. 

Q: What so called "war" spawned the dueling slogans "Better Dead Than Red" and "Better Red Than Dead" in the 1950s?
A: The Cold War. 

Q:  What modern vehicle was invented to circumvent trench warfare?
A: The Tank. 

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