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Crime Trivia Questions With Answers

Free crime trivia quiz questions and the answers


Crime Trivia Questions With Answers

Where did Bunyon write "Pilgrims Progress"?
A:  Bedford Jail

The nightclub called "The Ba Da Bing" is owned by which TV gangster?
A:   Tony Soprano

In 1982, what famous actress was sent to jail for tax evasion?
A:  Sophia Loren

In Massachusetts it's illegal to wear what without a license?
A:  Goatee

In ancient Turkey you could be executed for drinking what?
A:  Coffee

In the middle ages you could be fined four pence for murdering whom?
A:  Traveling Musician


In 1978 a grocer in Paris was sent to jail for two years for stabbing his wife with a what?
A:  A wedge of hard cheese

52% of American citizens would prefer to spend a week in jail than be what?
A:  President

Nelson Mandela spent 19 of 27 years in what prison?
A:  Robben Island

In Atlanta Georgia, what is it illegal to tie a giraffe to?
A:  Telephone pole

You can be jailed in Fargo North Dakota for dancing with what?
A:  Your Hat on

What nation was the first to abolish capital punishment in 1826?
A:  Russia


What fictitious murderer first appeared in" String of Pearls" in the 1840s?
A:  Sweeny Todd

You could be jailed for doing what in public in 1919 in the United States?
A:  Sneezing

In Little Rock Arkansas men and women can get 30 days in jail for what?
A:  Public Flirting

It's illegal to run out of what in Youngstown Ohio ?
A: Gasoline

What did 24% of American adults admit to doing?
A:  Illegal Gambling

What was the name of the gangster that escaped from jail using a wooden gun?
A:  John Dillinger

What country did 182 people die in jail during 2005 and 2006?
A:  United States

Why was convict 2599 unusual in Pen State prison in 1924?
A: He was a Dog doing life for killing a cat

In ancient China, what crimes resulted in a punishment of castration?
A:  Treason, murder, adultery

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