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North Dakota Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

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North Dakota Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

North Dakota was the 39th state admitted to the Union on what date?
A:  November 2, 1889.

Which two Canadian provinces border North Dakota on its northern border?
A:  Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

What U.S. State borders North Dakota to the east?
A: Minnesota.

What state borders North Dakota to the south?
A: South Dakota.

What state shares North Dakota's western border?
A: Montana.

What city is North Dakota's state capitol?
A: Bismarck.

 What is the biggest city in North Dakota?
A: Fargo.


North Dakota is the 3rd least "what" when compared to the other states?
A:  Populous.

The primary public universities are located in what two cities?
A:  Grand Forks and Fargo.

Geogr bases near what two cities?
A:  Minot and Grand Forks.

In North Dakota, what is marked with a stone marker in Rugby, North Dakota?
A:  The "Geographic Center of the North American Continent".

How big is North Dakota in square miles?
A:  70,762.

What is the North Dakota State bird?
A:  Western Meadowlark.

What is the highest elevation in the state?
A: White Butte at 3,506 feet.


In the United States, Lake Sakakawea is the third largest what?
A: Man-made lake.

What is the North Dakota State fish?
A:  Northern pike.

What is the name of the largest natural lake in North Dakota?
A: Devils Lake.

President  Benjamin Harrison, signed proclamations admitting North and South Dakota to the United States on what date?
A:  November 2, 1889.

 As of July 1, 2013, what was the population of North Dakota?
A:  723,393.

The word "Dakota" is a corruption of a Sioux Indian word  that means what?
A:  "allies" or "friends".

What is the North Dakota State horse?
A:  Nokota horse.


Native American social gatherings, called "powwows", are an important aspect of Indian culture, and occur regularly where?
A:  Throughout the State.

 Powwows were held most commonly in the spring, to celebrate the beginning of new life and the end of the what?
A: Winter cold.

What is the North Dakota State flower?
A:  Wild Prairie Rose.

One of the biggest powwows in the United States, the United Tribes International Powwow, is held each September in what city?
A:  Bismarck.

A powwow comes  with parades and dancers and it is traditional for male dancers to wear regalia decorated with beads, quills and what?
A: Eagle feathers.

What is the North Dakota State tree?
A:  American Elm.

Some of the Germans who had settled in Russia for generations were unhappy and in the nineteenth century how many immigrated to the U.S. by 1900?
A:  About 100,000.


North Dakota has the greatest number of "what", per capita, of any other state?
A:  Churches.

What is is the largest industry in North Dakota?
A: Agriculture.

What is the North Dakota State fossil?
A:  Teredo Petrified wood.

North Dakota is the fastest growing state in U.S. by what measure?
A:  GDP.

Bank of North Dakota in Bismarck, is the only "what" in the country?
A:  State owned bank.

What is the North Dakota State grass?
A:  Western Wheatgrass.

What percentage of North Dakota's land area is in farms?
A: About 90%.


With the third largest in the nation, how many acres of cropland does North Dakota have?
A:  27,500,000.

North Dakota is the largest producer in the country of what?
A: Many cereal grains.

What are the North Dakota State nicknames?
A:  Roughrider State, Flickertail State, Peace Garden State, Sioux state.

North Dakota  is the leading producer of many oilseeds including what percentage  of the U.S. canola crop?
A: 92%.

The state is the second leading grower of sugar beets, which are grown in the what?
A:  Red River Valley.

What is the North Dakota State slogan?
A:  Legendary.

North Dakota is the largest producer of what natural and sweet product in the country?
A: Honey.


In what year was oil was discovered near Tioga, North Dakota?
A: In 1951.

What is the North Dakota State song?
A:  North Dakota Hymn.

By 1984, how many barrels of oil was being produced in North Dakota??
A:  53 million barrels of oil a year.

How much oil do the reserves of the Bakken Formation hold?
A: Up to 400 billion barrels.

What is the North Dakota State dance?
A: Square Dance.

North Dakota is the second largest producer of oil in the country with an average of  how many barrels per day being produced?
A:  575,490 barrels per day.

How many hospitals does North Dakota have?
A:  44.


What is the North Dakota State fruit?
A:  Chokecherry.

In North Dakota, which insurance company is the largest medical insurer in the state?
A:  Blue Cross Blue Shield .

The North Dakota Interstate Highway system, is paved in what material instead of blacktop, because of the extreme weather conditions it is exposed to?
A:  Concrete.

What is the North Dakota State beverage?
A:  Milk.

In what North Dakota city is world's largest statue of a Holstein cow located?
A: New Salem.

What city in North Dakota has the world's largest statue of a bison?
A: Jamestown.

Fort Yates is located on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and claims to be the burial place of Hunkpapa Lakota leader known as who?
A: Sitting Bull.

How many  public colleges and universities does North Dakota have?
A: 11.

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