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1984 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

1984 Trivia quiz questions with answers about things from the year 1984.


1984 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Brunei becomes a what?
A: A fully independent state.

President Reagan nominates whom as U.S. Secretary of Transportation?
A: Elizabeth Dole.

The United States and the Vatican (Holy See) restore what?
A: Full diplomatic relations.

What does Apple Computer put on sale in the United States?
A: The Macintosh personal computer.

Dr. John Buster and the research team at Harbor–UCLA Medical Center announce history's first what?
A: Embryo transfer from one woman to another, resulting in a live birth.

Space Shuttle Challenger is launched on the what?
A: 10th Space Shuttle mission.

Astronauts Bruce McCandless II and Robert L. Stewart make the first what?
A: Un-tethered space walk.


Where were the 1984 Winter Olympics held?
A: In Sarajevo, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Who succeeds the late Yuri Andropov as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?
A: Konstantin Chernenko.

The CIA station chief in Beirut, William Francis Buckley, gets what?
A: Kidnapped by the Islamic Jihad Organization and later dies in captivity.

Teachers at the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California are charged with what?
A: Satanic ritual abuse of the school children, The charges are later dropped as unfounded.

Marvin Gaye is shot to death by whom?
A: His father, one day before his 45th birthday.

President Reagan calls for an international ban on what?
A: Chemical weapons.

What film won Best Picture at the 56th Academy Awards, hosted by Johnny Carson at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion?
A: Terms of Endearment.


English comedian Tommy Cooper suffers a massive heart attack and dies while what?
A: Live on TV.

The Herreys win what?
A: The Eurovision Song Contest 1984 for Sweden, with the song "Diggi-Loo, Diggi-Ley".

The Soviet Union announces that it will boycott what?
A: The 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

What type of coin is introduced in Australia?
A: The one dollar coin.

Ronald Reagan visits his ancestral home where?
A: In Ballyporeen, the Republic of Ireland.

A deadly F5 tornado nearly destroys what town?
A: Barneveld, Wisconsin.

June 12 - In one of the greatest NBA Finals ever, The Boston Celtics beat what team in 7 games to captured their 15th NBA Championship?
A: Los Angeles Lakers.


What world-renowned, critically acclaimed, Canadian entertainment company was founded?
A: Cirque du Soleil.

What does Virgin Atlantic Airways do?
A: Makes its inaugural flight.

France beats what country 2–0 to win Euro 84>?
A: Spain.

Richard Ramírez (the "Night Stalker") murders his what?
A: First confirmed victim.

Elton John plays the famous what?
A: Night and Day Concert at Wembley Stadium.

Liechtenstein becomes the last country in Europe to what?
A: Grant women the right to vote.

Beverly Burns becomes the first woman what, in the world?
A: Boeing 747 captain.


In San Ysidro, San Diego, 41-year-old James Oliver Huberty sprays a McDonald's restaurant with what?
A: Gunfire, killing 21 people before being shot and killed himself.

Who becomes the first Miss America to resign?
A: Vanessa L. Williams.

Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya becomes the first woman to do what?
A: Perform a space walk.

Where are the 1984 Summer Olympics held?
A: In Los Angeles, California.

Soviet submarine K-278 Komsomolets reaches a record submergence depth what?
A: 1,020 meters.

John DeLorean is acquitted of all eight charges of what?
A: Possessing and distributing cocaine.

Who is sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada?
A: Brian Mulroney.


Who becomes the first person to cross the Atlantic, solo, in a hot air balloon?
A: Joe Kittinger.

Hezbollah car-bombs the what?
A: U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut, killing 24 people.

The United Kingdom and the People's Republic of China sign the initial agreement to do what?
A: To return Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Tim Macartney-Snape and Greg Mortimer become the first what?
A: The first Australians to summit Mount Everest.

Who becomes the first Canadian in space, aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger?
A: Marc Garneau.

The European Economic Community makes £1.8 million available to do what?
A: To help combat the famine in Ethiopia.

Ronald Reagan defeats Walter F. Mondale with what percentage of the popular vote?
A: 59%.

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