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Weather Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free fun weather trivia quiz questions with answers.


Weather Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What does an anemometer measure?
A: Wind Speed.

The Campbell-Stokes recorder measures what with a glass ball?
A: Sunshine.

Cirrus is a cloud type, but what is its literal translation from Latin?
A: Lock of Hair.

In the United States each year there are an average of 708 what?
A: Tornados.

What is Virga?
A: Rain that doesn't reach ground.

What line on a map connects places of equal rainfall?
A: Isohyat.


What is measured on the Torro scale?
A: Tornados.

From the Arabic mawsim meaning season, what word is derived?
A: Monsoon.

On the Beaufort scale what is defined as force 11?
A: A Storm.

On average it rains 4 days a week in what European capital?
A: Amsterdam.

What is measured with an ombrometer?
A: Rainfall.

The Saffir-Simpson scale is used to measure the intensity of what?
A: Hurricanes.


An eight on the Beaufort scale represents what?
A: A Gale.

Bognor Java gets on average 322 days annually with what occurrence?
A: Lightning strikes.

Technically they are hydrometeors, but what is a more common name for them?
A: Hailstones.

A 25 to 31 mph wind on the Beaufort scale is called what?
A: Strong Breeze.

What are sprites, blur jets, and elves?
A: Thunderstorm electrical discharges

A pogonip is what type of weather condition?
A: Heavy winter fog with ice crystals.


In 1848, The London Daily News carried the worlds first what?
A: Weather forecast.

Raquel Welch was once a what?
A: Weathergirl.

What type of bad weather can stop the play of a game of golf?
A: Only Lightning.

What does a haboob create?
A: Sandstorm, it's a desert wind.

What was the name of the first storm, on June 19, 1978 named after a man?
A: Bud.

Tefnut was the Egyptian goddess of what?
A: Rain.


What are Ombrophobes afraid of?
A: Rain.

What do nephologists study?
A: Clouds - Meteorology.

In July 1923, what killed 23 people in Rostov Russia?
A: Giant Hailstones.

What's the difference between fog and mist?
A: Seeing Distance under 1000 yards is mist.

There is one gallon of water in every cubic mile of what?
A: Fog.

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