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Horse Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

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Horse Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Dick Francis novels are based around what sport?
A: Horse racing.

What did John Wayne's fellow actors and his horse wear while filming a new movie following his True Grit Oscar?
A: Eye patches.

Which horse racing event is held on Long Island?
A: Belmont.

What sport was Terry Biddlecombe connected with?
A: Horse racing.

What was Tom Mix's horses name?
A: Tony.

What was the name of Dick Francis's first horse racing novel?
A: Dead Cert.

What horse race was held in 1985 in Aqueduct, New York?
A: Breeders Cup.


What did the Ancient Greeks think a zebra was?
A: A cross between a tiger and a horse.

What is the normal body temperature for a horse?
A: 100.5 degrees F.

What kind of a horse is a palomilla?
A: A milk white horse with a white mane and a white tail.

Where did the horse chestnut tree acquire its name?
A: Chestnuts were once used as a medicine for horses.

In 1927 a race was held between a horse and a kangaroo in Sydney, Australia. Who won?
A: The Kangaroo.

What horse did Gene Autry ride in his first starring role in the 1935 movie The Phantom Empire?
A: Tom Mix's horse Tony Jr., not Champion.


Who only spoke Sioux in the 1970 film, A Man Called Horse?
A: Dame Judith Anderson.

What woman sports figure appeared as a maid in John Ford's 1959 film classic The Horse Soldiers?
A: Tennis star Althea Gibson.

In the 1976 re-make of the 1933 film classic King Kong, what hairy covering was used to make a forty foot high, six and a half ton mechanical ape look life like?
A: Argentine horse tails, two tons of them.

To make the actors more comfortable during the filming of Helen of Troy, what was included inside the horse?
A: Air Conditioning.

William Blount did not travel to Philadelphia on horseback for the 1787 Constitutional Conventions because of what medical condition?
A: Hemorrhoids.

Seconds after he shot Wild Bill Hickok, what did Jack McCall fall off of?
A: His Horse.

Which future president cheated on an eye exam to joining the cavalry reserves in the 1930s?
A: Ronald Reagan.


What unit of measure are horses measured by?
A: Hand.

While still in office, which President received a ticket for speeding in Washington, DC?
A: Ulysses S. Grant, in his horse and buggy.

In the Battle of San Juan, what was the name of the horse Teddy Roosevelt rode?
A: Texas.

In the Lone Ranger TV series what was the name of Tonto's horse?
A: Scout.

What was the name of Wild Bill's horse on the TV series, Wild Bill Hickok?
A: Buckshot.

Col. Sherman Potter's horse in the M*A*S*H TV series was named what?
A: Sophie.

Who once observed: "This is America. You can't make a horse testify against himself?
A:  Mr. Ed.

Man O' War lost only one race in his career, on August 13, 1919. Who did "Big Red" lose to?
A: To a horse named Upset.


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