John Wayne Trivia Quiz

John Wayne celebrity trivia quiz for seniors and the elderly with tons of nostalgia


John Wayne Trivia Quiz

What was John Wayne's birth name?
A: Marion Robert Morrison.

On what date was John Wayne Born?
A: May 26, 1907.

What movie provided John Wayne with his breakthrough role?
A: John Ford's classic Stagecoach (1939).

Where was John Wayne born?
A: Winterset, Iowa, U.S.

What was Wayne's first color film?
A: Shepherd of the Hills (1941).

On what date did John Wayne die?
A: June 11, 1979.


What was the cause of death for John Wayne?
A: Stomach cancer.

What high school did John Wayne attend?
A: Glendale High School.

John's parents changed his middle name from Robert to Mitchell when his parents decided to do what?
A: Name their next son Robert.

Who was John Wayne's father?
A: Clyde Leonard Morrison.

Who was John Wayne's mother?
A: Mary "Molly" Alberta Brown.

In what religion was John brought up?
A: As a Presbyterian.


In 1916, John's family moved to Glendale, California, where his father worked as a what?
A: Pharmacist.

A  fireman at the station on John's route to school in Glendale started calling him "Little Duke" because he was never without his huge what?
A:  Airedale Terrier, Duke.

John Wayne preferred what  to "Marion"?
A: "Duke".

What middle school did Wayne attend?
A: Wilson Middle School in Glendale.

As a teen, where did John work?
A: In an ice cream shop for a man who shod horses for Hollywood studios.

 John Wayne was an active member of what youth organization associated with the Freemasons?
A: Order of DeMolay.

Wayne played football for what high school football team?
A: The 1924 champion Glendale High School team.


John Wayne attended the University of Southern California (USC), majoring in what?
A: Pre-law.

Which fraternities was John a member of?
A: The Trojan Knights and Sigma Chi.

What injury brought an end to John's football career?
A: A broken collarbone.

As a favor to Southern Cal football coach Howard Jones,  director John Ford and film star Tom Mix hired John Wayne as a what?
A: Prop boy and extra.

John credited his walk, talk and persona to his acquaintance with whom?
A: Wyatt Earp, who was good friends with Tom Mix.

In 1930, director Raoul Walsh saw Wayne working as a prop boy and cast him in his first starring role in what movie?
A: The Big Trail (1930).

Walsh suggested John use "Anthony Wayne", as a screen name after who?
A: Revolutionary War general "Mad" Anthony Wayne.


In Columbia's The Deceiver (1931), what did John Wayne play?
A: A corpse.

In the movie Riders of Destiny  in1933, Wayne became one of the first what?
A: Singing cowboys of film.

John Wayne and what famed stuntman developed and perfected stunt techniques still used today?
A: Yakima Canutt.

One of Wayne's most popular roles was in what 1954 movie?
A: The High and the Mighty.

The Searchers (1956) is widely regarded as John Wayne's what?
A: Finest and most complex performance

John Wayne won a Best Actor Oscar for what movie?
A: True Grit (1969).

John Wayne was nominated as the producer of Best Picture for what film?
A: The Alamo (1960), one of two films he directed.


What was John Wayne's last film?
A:  The Shootist (1976).

In how many of his movie roles did John Wayne play the lead?
A: 142.

John Wayne has more appearances than any other star, with who coming in second?
A:  Clint Eastwood .