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Iowa Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Free fun Iowa trivia quiz questions with answers about the State of Iowa.


Iowa Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Where is the home of Iowa State University?
A: Ames.

Iowa is a US state located in United States in a region often called the what?
A: "American Heartland".

How many Iowans have received the Medal of Honor, which was first awarded in the Civil War?
A: Twenty-seven.

What forms Iowa's border on the east?
A: The Mississippi River.

What is the Iowa state rock?
A:  Geode.

Some of the largest concentrations of wind turbine farms in the world can be found in what part of Iowa?
A: Northwest Iowa .

What river forms the western border?
A: The Big Sioux River and the Missouri River.


In 1886 the Iowa state fair found a permanent home in what city?
A: Des Moines.

What state borders Iowa to the south?
A: Missouri.

What is the Iowa state Motto?
A: "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain."

What is the name of the only American Indian settlement in Iowa?
A: The Meskwaki Settlement .

What state borders Iowa on the north?
A: Minnesota.

`Before the Louisiana Purchase, Iowa was a part of what?
A:  French Louisiana.

How many of the 75,000 volunteers were killed in the Civil War?
A: Over one-sixth of them.


Iowa is ranked 26th in "what" compared to the other states?
A: Land area.

What is the capital of  Iowa?
A: Des Moines.

Where is the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum located?
A: West Branch.

What is the Iowa state tree?
A: The Oak.

In Iowa, the Sioux City Bandits are an Indoor football team in what league?
A: The Champions Professional Indoor Football League.

What is the largest city in Iowa?
A: Des Moines.

Iowa has several natural lakes the most familiar three being Spirit Lake, West Okoboji Lake, and what other lake?
A:  East Okoboji Lake in northwest Iowa.


How much of the tall grass prairie that once covered most of the state is still left?
A: Less than 1%.

What is the Iowa state flower?
A:  Wild Rose.

What is the average yearly temperature in Des Moines Iowa?
A: 50 °F .

What award winning Clint Eastwood movie was filmed in Madison County Iowa?
A: The Bridges of Madison County.

How many days of thunderstorm activity does Iowa average per year?
A: About 50.

The famous" Field of Dreams" baseball diamond can be found in what Iowa city?
A: Dyersville.

 During what parts of the year are Tornadoes are common?
A: The spring and summer months.


The John Wayne Birthplace Museum is located in what county?
A: Madison County.

Iowa's state grass is called what?
A:  Bluebunch Wheatgrass.

On average, how many tornadoes hit Iowa each year?
A:  37.

 In Iowa, in 2008, how many people were killed by tornadoes?
A:  Twelve.

Iowa contributed proportionately more men to the war than any other state, sending over  how many soldiers the armed forces?
A: 75,000.

What is Iowa's all-time hottest temperature, recorded at Keokuk on July 20, 1934?
A: of 118 °F.

What is the all-time lowest temperature recorded at Elkader, on February 3, 1996?
A: of −47 °F.


When American Indians first arrived in what is now Iowa more than 13,000 years ago they lived as what?
A: Hunters and gatherers.

By the time Europeans began to arrive, American Indians were mostly what?
A: Farmers.

What is Iowa's state bird?
A: Eastern Goldfinch.

Over 3,000 years ago, American Indians in Iowa began using what?
A: Domesticated plants.

Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet were first known European explorers to do what?
A: Document Iowa .

After the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, Iowa was placed under United States control and in 1808 what Fort was constructed establishing military control?
A: Fort Madison.

Fort Madison was built to control trade and establish U.S. dominance over the Upper Mississippi, but it was defeated by British-supported Indians in 1813 during the War of what?
A: 1812.


What are the five hockey teams in Iowa that are members of the United States Hockey League?
A:  Cedar Rapids RoughRiders, Sioux City Musketeers, Waterloo Black Hawks, Des Moines Buccaneers, and the Dubuque Fighting Saints.

In 1856 The Iowa Legislature, in 1856, passed an act that allowed the Meskawki  Indians to do what?
A:  Purchase land, which Indians were not usually allowed to do.

In 1833 families mostly from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia officially began to do what?
A: Settle in Iowa.

In July, 1838, Congress created the Territory of Iowa, and President Martin Van Buren appointed Robert Lucas what?|
A:  Governor of the territory.

On December 28, 1846, President James K. Polk signed Iowa's admission into the union  making Iowa what?
A: The 29th state.

Iowa has a long tradition of state and county fairs. The first Iowa State Fair was held on what date?
A: October 25–27, 1854.

Iowa supported the Union during the Civil War and voted heavily for Abraham Lincoln but there were no "what" in the state?
A:  Battles.


Where is the Mamie Doud Eisenhower museum, located?
A: Boone .

Where is the Quad City Air Show, the largest air show in the state held each year?
A: Davenport.

Effigy Mounds National Monument in Allamakee and Clayton Counties has more animal-shaped prehistoric mounds than where?
A: Anywhere  else in the world.

Maquoketa Caves State Park, has more caves than any other what?
A: State park.

What is the nickname for the state of Iowa?
A:  The Hawkeye State.

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