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Martin Van Buren Trivia Questions And Answers

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Martin Van Buren Trivia Questions And Answers

Who was the 8th President of the United States?
A: Martin Van Buren.

Who was Martin Van Buren’s vice president?
A: Richard Mentor Johnson.

Before becoming president, Martin was the eighth what?
A: Vice President.

How tall was Martin Van Buren?
A:  5 feet, 6 inches.

Van Buren was the first president that was not of British or Irish what?
A: Descent—his family was Dutch.

Martin was the first president to have been born a what?
A: United States citizen.

Van Buren was the first president to not be a what?
A: Native English speaker.


Van Buren was the last Vice President to be elected directly to the presidency until whom?
A: George H. W. Bush in 1988.

Where was Martin Van Buren born?
A: In the village of Kinderhook, New York.

When was Martin Van Buren born?
A: On December 5, 1782.

Who was Martin’s father?
A: Abraham Van Buren, a farmer and tavern owner/operator.

 Who was Martin Van Buren's mother?
A: Maria Hoes Van Alen Van Buren.

Where did Van Buren receive a basic education?
A: At a poorly lit schoolhouse in his native village.

Who did Martin Van Buren marry?
A:  Hannah Hoes, his childhood sweetheart and first cousin once removed.


On what date did Martin marry Hannah?
A: On February 21, 1807.

Like Van Buren, Hannah was raised in a what?
A: Dutch home.

How many children did Martin and Hannah have?
A:  Five sons and one daughter.

What were the names of Van Buren’s sons?
A:  Abraham, John, Martin, Jr., Winfield Scott, and Smith Thompson.

At what age did Martin’s wife Hannah die from tuberculosis?
A: 35.

Van Buren had been active in politics from at least the age of what?
A: 17 when he attended a party convention in Troy, New York.

Martin formed a law partnership with whom?
A: His half-brother James I. Van Alen.


From 1812 to 1820, Van Buren was a member of the what?
A: New York State Senate.

Martin Van Buren was the New York Attorney General from 1815 to what year?
A: 1819.

What nickname did Van Buren garner for the skill with which he exploited what came to be called the "spoils system"?
A: "Little Magician".

Martin served as a member of the 1820 state constitutional convention, where he favored expanded voting rights, but opposed what?
A: Universal suffrage. 

Van Buren was the prime architect of the first what?
A: Nationwide political party: the Jacksonian Democrats.

In February 1821, Martin Van Buren was elected a what?
A: U.S. Senator from New York.

Who did Van Buren support in the presidential election of 1824?
A: William H. Crawford.


In February 1827, Martin was re-elected to the Senate by a what?
A: Large majority.

In 1828, what office did Van Buren run for and win?
A:  Governor of New York.

Martin Van Buren's tenure as New York governor is the second “what” on record?
A: Shortest.

On March 5, 1829, President Jackson appointed Van Buren what?
A: Secretary of State.

Who were Martin Van Buren's competitors in the 1836 election?
A: The Whigs.

Van Buren won the 1836 election easily, with how many electoral votes?
A: 170 with 73 for Harrison, 26 for White, 14 for Webster and 11 for Mangum.

Martin Van Buren retained all but one of Jackson's what?
A: Cabinet.

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