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Andrew Jackson Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers About Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Who was the seventh president of the United States of America?
A: Andrew Jackson.

Where was Andrew Jackson born?
A: Near the then-unmarked border between North and South Carolina

On what date was Andrew Jackson born?
A: March 15, 1767.

While in captivity during the Revolutionary War Andrew and his brother contracted what disease?
A: Smallpox.

Of what ancestry were his parents?
A:  His parents were Scots-Irish colonists.

Who were Andrew Jackson's parents?
A:  Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson.

Where was Andrew Jackson’s father born?
A: Carrickfergus, County Antrim, in current-day Northern Ireland.


How did Andrew Jackson’s father die?
A: Jackson's father died in an accident in February 1767, at the age of 29.

Where did Jackson work in 1781 for a short time?
A: He worked for a saddle-maker's shop.

During Andrew Jackson’s lifetime he may have owned how many slaves?
A: 300.

In 1796, Jackson was elected as a delegate to what convention?
A: The Tennessee constitutional convention.

After studying law he was admitted to the what in 1787?
A: The Bar.

In 1802 Jackson was elected major general of the what?
A: Tennessee militia.

At the age of 13, during the Revolutionary War, Jackson helped the local militia as a what?
A: Courier.


How did Andrews’s older brother die?
A:  Hugh died from heat exhaustion during the Battle of Stono Ferry, on June 20, 1779.

What did Andrew’s mother, Elizabeth Jackson, volunteer to do on board two ships in Charleston harbor?
A: Nurse prisoners of war during an outbreak of cholera.

How did Andrew Jackson’s mother die?
A: She died from cholera in November 1781, and was buried in an unmarked grave.

At what age did Andrew became an orphan?
A: 14.

Where did Andrew Jackson begin his legal career?
A: In Jonesborough, now northeastern Tennessee.

Jackson’s legal education was sparse, but he knew enough to be a what?
A: Country lawyer on the frontier.

Andrew Jackson was appointed what in 1788?
A:  Solicitor (prosecutor) of the Western District.


After Tennessee was granted statehood Jackson was elected its what?
A:  U.S. Representative.

In 1798, Andrew was appointed a judge of what?
A: The Tennessee Supreme Court, serving until 1804.

Jackson prospered as planter, slave owner, and merchant and he built the first what in Gallatin, Tennessee in 1803?
A: General store.

The Tennessee legislature nominated Jackson for what office in 1822?
A: President.

Beginning with nine slaves, Andrew held as many as how many slaves by 1820?
A: 44.

Sometimes Andrew paid his slaves with monies and coins to do what with?
A: Trade in local markets.

In 1794, Jackson formed a business with John Overton buying and selling land which had been reserved by treaty for who?
A: The Cherokee and Chickasaw Indians.


Andrew Jackson was one of the three original investors who founded what in 1819?
A: Memphis, Tennessee.

In 1801, with the rank of colonel, Andrew Jackson was appointed commander of the what?
A: Tennessee militia.

Jackson's service in the War of 1812 against the United Kingdom was conspicuous for what?
A: Bravery and success.

Jackson served in the military again during the what war?
A: First Seminole War.

President James Monroe in December 1817 ordered Andrew Jackson to head a campaign in Georgia against what Indian tribes?
A:  Seminole and Creek Indians.

Jackson's ruthlessness in battle struck fear into the Seminole Indian tribes who nicknamed him what?
A:  "Sharp Knife".

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