President James Monroe Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers


Who was the 5th President of the United States?
A: James Monroe.

James’s mother, Elizabeth Jones, married Spence Monroe in what year?
A: 1752.

As president, Monroe bought what from Spain?
A: Florida.

John Marshall, later Chief Justice of the United States, was among Monroe’s classmates at what school?
A: Campbell town Academy.

Who was James Monroe’s Vice President?
A: Daniel Tompkins.

Who succeeded James Monroe as president of the U.S.?
A:  John Quincy Adams

James Monroe was the last president who was a what?
A: Founding Father of the United States.

Of what ancestry was James Monroe?
A:  Monroe was of French and Scottish descent.

When his father died in 1774, Monroe inherited what?
A: A small plantation and slaves.

In the battle of Trenton, who was the doctor that who clamped Monroe’s artery, keeping him from bleeding to death?
A: John Riker.


Where was James Monroe born?
A:  Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Monroe fought in the American Revolutionary War and was wounded in what battle?
A:  The Battle of Trenton.

What did Monroe study under Thomas Jefferson from 1780 to 1783?
A: law.

In 1790 James Monroe was elected to the what?
A:  Senate of the first United States Congress.

Monroe rose to national prominence as a diplomat in what country?
A:  France.

What did Monroe help negotiate with France?
A: The Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

During the War of 1812, what two critical roles did Monroe hold under President James Madison?
A: Secretary of State and the Secretary of War.

James Monroe was elected president in 1816, winning what percentage of the electoral vote ?
A: 80.

Monrovia is the capital of what African country and is named after James Monroe?
A: Liberia.

Monroe’s father, Spence Monroe, was a moderately prosperous planter who also practiced what?
A: Carpentry.

Monroe’s paternal great-grandfather Andrew Monroe immigrated to America from what country?
A: Scotland.

Monroe’s mother Elizabeth tutored James at home until he was what age?
A: 11.

When and where did James Monroe get married?
A:  He got married on February 16, 1786, in New York City.

What college did Monroe enroll in?
A: The College of William and Mary.

In 1775, Monroe dropped out of college and joined what?
A: The 3rd Virginia Regiment in the Continental Army.

After the battles of Lexington and Concord, Monroe joined 24 older men in raiding what arsenal?
A: The arsenal at the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg.

Monroe is regarded as the last U.S. President who was a what?
A:  Revolutionary War veteran.

In the battle of Trenton, James Monroe was carried from the field bleeding badly after he was struck in the left shoulder by a what?
A: Musket ball, which severed an artery.

In the battle of Trenton, who was the doctor that who clamped Monroe’s artery, keeping him from bleeding to death?
A: John Riker.

In the famous painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware, James Monroe is shown doing what?
A:  Holding the American flag.

What were the names of James Monroe’s children?
A: Eliza Monroe, James Spence Monroe, Maria Hester Monroe, Maria Hester Monroe.

Who did James Monroe marry?
A:  Elizabeth Kortright.