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James Monroe Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

James Monroe Trivia Quiz Questions About the 5th President of the US


James Monroe Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Who was the 5th President of the United States?
A: James Monroe.

James’s mother, Elizabeth Jones, married Spence Monroe in what year?
A: 1752.

As president, Monroe bought what from Spain?
A: Florida.

John Marshall, later Chief Justice of the United States, was among Monroe’s classmates at what school?
A: Campbell town Academy.

Who was James Monroe’s Vice President?
A: Daniel Tompkins.

Who succeeded James Monroe as president of the U.S.?
A:  John Quincy Adams

James Monroe was the last president who was a what?
A: Founding Father of the United States.


Of what ancestry was James Monroe?
A:  Monroe was of French and Scottish descent.

When his father died in 1774, Monroe inherited what?
A: A small plantation and slaves.

In the battle of Trenton, who was the doctor that who clamped Monroe’s artery, keeping him from bleeding to death?
A: John Riker.


Where was James Monroe born?
A:  Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Monroe fought in the American Revolutionary War and was wounded in what battle?
A:  The Battle of Trenton.

What did Monroe study under Thomas Jefferson from 1780 to 1783?
A: law.

In 1790 James Monroe was elected to the what?
A:  Senate of the first United States Congress.


Monroe rose to national prominence as a diplomat in what country?
A: France.

What did Monroe help negotiate with France?
A: The Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

During the War of 1812, what two critical roles did Monroe hold under President James Madison?
A: Secretary of State and the Secretary of War.

James Monroe was elected president in 1816, winning what percentage of the electoral vote ?
A: 80.

Monrovia is the capital of what African country and is named after James Monroe?
A: Liberia.

Monroe’s father, Spence Monroe, was a moderately prosperous planter who also practiced what?
A: Carpentry.

Monroe’s paternal great-grandfather Andrew Monroe immigrated to America from what country?
A: Scotland.


Monroe’s mother Elizabeth tutored James at home until he was what age?
A: 11.

When and where did James Monroe get married?
A:  He got married on February 16, 1786, in New York City.

What college did Monroe enroll in?
A: The College of William and Mary.

In 1775, Monroe dropped out of college and joined what?
A: The 3rd Virginia Regiment in the Continental Army.

After the battles of Lexington and Concord, Monroe joined 24 older men in raiding what arsenal?
A: The arsenal at the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg.

Monroe is regarded as the last U.S. President who was a what?
A:  Revolutionary War veteran.

In the battle of Trenton, James Monroe was carried from the field bleeding badly after he was struck in the left shoulder by a what?
A: Musket ball, which severed an artery.


In the battle of Trenton, who was the doctor that who clamped Monroe’s artery, keeping him from bleeding to death?
A: John Riker.

In the famous painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware, James Monroe is shown doing what?
A:  Holding the American flag.

What were the names of James Monroe’s children?
A: Eliza Monroe, James Spence Monroe, Maria Hester Monroe, Maria Hester Monroe.

Who did James Monroe marry?
A:  Elizabeth Kortright.