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Florida Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Fun Trivia Quiz with Answers About Florida


Florida Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

How many time zones does Florida have?
A: Two.

What is Florida's nickname?
A: The "Sunshine State".

What body of water borders Florida to the west?
A: Gulf of Mexico.

Spain ceded Florida to the United States in exchange for what?
A: $5 million and American renunciation of any claims on Texas that they might have.

Which body of water borders Florida to the east?
A: Atlantic Ocean.

What was the coldest Florida temperature ever recorded?
A: −2 °F on February 13, 1899, in Tallahassee.


Where does Florida rand as far as the size of the population compared to the other States?
A: It's the 4th most populous.

Before the Civil War how many free African Americans lived in Florida?
A: Less than 1,000.

In 2011 how many retail gas stations did Florida have?
A: About 9,000.

In 2004,what four hurricanes savaged Florida?
A: Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne.

What is the state capital of Florida?
A: Tallahassee.

What kind of warfare tactics did Seminole Indian warriors employ against United States Army troops for seven years until 1842?
A: Guerrilla tactics.


What is the largest city in Florida?
A: Jacksonville.

How many people lived in Florida in 1900?
A: 528,542.

What is the largest metropolitan area in Florida?
A: The Miami metropolitan area.

Florida's coastline is the longest in the contiguous United States with how many miles of coastline?
A: Approximately 1350 miles.

In what year did French Protestant Huguenots establish Fort Caroline?
A: 1564.

Florida is the only state that has a border on both the Gulf of Mexico and the what?
A: Atlantic Ocean.


Who was the first European explorer to visit Florida?
A: Juan Ponce de León of Spain.

Florida's economy relies mainly on agriculture, and transportation,  and what?
A: Tourism.

What is the elevation of Briton Hill, Florida's highest point?
A: 345 feet.

Florida was probably first inhabited by Paleo-Indians perhaps as early as how long ago?
A: 14 thousand years.

Florida was the first of what would become the continental United States to be visited by Europeans, and who was the earliest known European explorer?
A: Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León.

Set on June 29, 1931 in Monticello, what is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Florida?
A: 109 °F .


On what date did Ponce de León spot the Florida peninsula?
A: April 2, 1513.

What animal, which the natives had eaten into extinction 10,000 years previously, was reintroduced into North America and Florida by European explorers in 1538?
A: The horse.

From June 1 to November 30 is what season in Florida?
A: Hurricane.

Africans and African Americans from the southern British colonies in North America went to Florida looking for what?
A: Freedom from slavery.

In what year did Spain cede Florida to the United States?
A: 1819.

In the Dade Massacre, Seminole Indians ambushed and killed all but one in a group of 110 Army troops marching from Fort Brooke to reinforce what?
A: Fort King.


Warm weather and miles of beaches attract about how many visitors to Florida per year?
A: 60 million.

In March of 1845, Florida became what?
A: The 27th state.

White settlers began to establish cotton plantations requiring a large number of what?
A: Slave laborers.

In the Deep South, how many African Americans were forced to move to the region as slaves?
A: nearly one million.

On January 10, 1861, Florida declared its secession from the Union, and ten days later became a founding member of what?
A: The Confederate States of America.

What were the two largest civil war battles in Florida,both Confederate victories?
A: The battle of Olustee and the battle of Natural Bridge.


As far as population is concerned, until the mid-20th century, Florida was what?
A: The least populous Southern state.

In 1900, what percentage of the people living in Florida were African American?
A: Nearly 44%.

Where does Florida rank in population with the other US states?
A: 4th most populous.

Florida is near several Caribbean countries, the best known being the Bahamas and what?
A: Cuba.

Only Alaska and Michigan are larger than Florida in what?
A: Water area .

What is both the highest point in Florida and the lowest highpoint of any state?
A: Britton Hill.


Due to Global warming, Miami is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to what?
A: Rising sea levels.

What is the average daily temperature of Florida making it the warmest state in the union?
A: 70.7 °F

Central Florida experiences more "what" than anywhere else in the US?
A: lightning strikes.

How many hurricanes struck Florida from 1851 to 2006?
A: 114.

Which hurricane has been the second most expensive in the history of Florid?
A: Wilma.

How many different kinds of wildflowers can be found in Florida??
A: About 3,000.


How much of Florida's energy is generated through renewable resources?
A: About 4%.

The Florida panther is close to extinction with a record 23 panthers killed in 2009, mostly from what?
A: Being hit by automobiles.

The Atlantic beaches that are being washed out to sea because of what?
A: The rising sea levels from climate change.

Florida has the biggest deposits of what of any state in the Union?
A: Potash.

How much money did sinkhole damage claims on property in Florida cost from 2006 through 2010?
A: More than $2 billion.

What industry makes up the largest sector of the Florida economy?
A: Tourism.

Florida has how many miles of interstate highway?
A: 1,473 miles.