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Jacksonville Florida Trivia Questions

Trivia questions with answers about Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville is a city located on the Atlantic coast of what state?
A: Florida.

It’s the most populous city in the state and is the largest city by area in what?
A: The contiguous United States as of 2020.

It is the seat of what county?
A: Duval County, with which the city government consolidated in 1968.

Consolidation gave Jacksonville it’s what?
A: It’s great size and placed most of its metropolitan population within the city limits.

As of 2020, Jacksonville's population is what?
A: 949,611, making it the 12th most populous city in the U.S.


Where is it the most populous city?
A: In the Southeast.

It is the most populous city in the South outside of what state?
A: The state of Texas.

With a population of 1,733,937, the Jacksonville metropolitan area ranks as what?
A: Florida's fourth-largest metropolitan region.

Jacksonville straddles what river?
A: St. Johns River.

The Jacksonville Beaches communities are along the adjacent what?
A: Atlantic coast.


The area was originally inhabited by whom?
A: The Timucua people.

In 1564 it was the site of what French colony?
A: Fort Caroline, one of the earliest European settlements in what is now the continental United States.

Under British rule, a settlement grew at the narrow point in the river where cattle crossed, known as what?
A: Wacca Pilatka to the Seminole and the Cow Ford to the British.

A platted town was established there in 1822, a year after what?
A: The United States gained Florida from Spain.

Who was it named after?
A: Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of the Florida Territory and seventh President of the United States.


Harbor improvements since the late 19th century have made Jacksonville a what?
A: A major military and civilian deep-water port.

Jacksonville's military bases and the nearby Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay form the third largest what?
A: Military presence in the United States.

Significant factors in the local economy include services such as what?
A: Banking, insurance, healthcare, and logistics.

As with much of Florida, tourism is important to the Jacksonville area, particularly tourism related to what?
A: Golf.

 People from Jacksonville are sometimes called what?
A: "Jacksonvillians" or "Jaxsons".


The area of the modern city of Jacksonville has been inhabited for how long?
A: Thousands of years.

On Black Hammock Island in the national Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, a University of North Florida team discovered what?
A: Some of the oldest remnants of pottery in the United States, dating to 2500 BCE.

In the 16th century, the beginning of the historical era, the region was inhabited by whom?
A: The Mocama, a coastal subgroup of the Timucua people.

At the time of contact with Europeans, all Mocama villages in present-day Jacksonville were part of what?
A: The powerful chiefdom known as the Saturiwa, centered around the mouth of the St. Johns River.

In 1562, French Huguenot explorer Jean Ribault charted the St. Johns River, calling it what?
A: The River of May because that was the month of his discovery.

Ribault erected a stone column at his landing site near the river's mouth, claiming the newly discovered land for whom?
A: France.



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