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Texas Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About State of Texas

Texas trivia questions about the great state of Texas


Texas Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About State of Texas

Six flags have flown over Texas, what were they?
A: The flags of the U.S., Mexico, France, Spain, Confederacy, and the Republic of Texas.

What state is the only state to have been an independent republic?
A: The state of Texas.

What basketball team won the first four WNBA crowns?
A: The Houston Comets.

On the Gulf of Mexico, which state is nearest the end of the alphabet?
A: Texas.

Which soap outlasted its spin offs Somerset and Texas before folding up its tent?
A: Another World.

On the show King of the Hill, where did the Hills live?
A: Arlen, Texas.

What NBA team plays home games in the Alamo dome?
A: The San Antonio Spurs.


From what state does Jerry Hall hail from?
A: Texas.

Where does the Mavericks basketball team hail from?
A: Dallas, Texas.

The center of the U.S. oil industry has been in what city since 1901?
A: Houston, Texas.

Texas ice-cream producer Elmer Doolin bought a recipe for $100 from a cafe owner in San Antonio and used it to make a fortune. What did the recipe make?
A: Fritos corn chips.

Charles Hardin Holley (Buddy Holly)  was born in which town in Texas?
A: Lubbock.

What baseball player had his shirt number retired by three teams?
A: Nolan Ryan, who pitched a record seven no-hitters during his career. His number, 34, has been retired by the Angels, Texas Rangers, and Houston Astros.

For their ballpark, the Texas Rangers chose what name?
A: The Ballpark.


John Wilkinson set the seed-spitting distance at the 11th Annual Watermelon Thump held in Luling, Texas in 1980. How far did he spit the seeds?
A: 65 feet 4 inches.

The working title of the TV series Dallas was what?
A: Houston.

Hakeem Olajuwon joined what team in 1984?
A: Houston Rockets.

What U.S. President was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on the 22 of November in 1963?
A: John F. Kennedy.

In which state is the San Antonio international airport?
A: Texas.

Who is memorialized with an eight-foot tall bronze statue in Lubbock, Texas?
A: Buddy Holly.

What historic structure was saved from a real estate syndicate by a donation from a Texas cattle heiress?
A: The Alamo.

What did Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, famous for storming the Alamo,  introduce to the United States?
A: He enjoyed chewing unflavored chicle and brought it north with him.

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