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Dallas Mavericks Trivia Questions and Answers

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Dallas Mavericks Trivia Questions and Answers

Who are the Dallas Mavericks?
A: The Dallas Mavericks are a professional basketball team based in Dallas, Texas.

The Mavericks are often referred to as the what?
A: The Mavs.

In 1979, who requested the right to bring an NBA franchise to Dallas, Texas?
A: Businessman Don Carter and partner Norm Sonju.

The last professional basketball team in Dallas had been what team?
A: The Dallas Chaparrals of the American Basketball Association, which moved to San Antonio in 1973 to become the San Antonio Spurs.

At the 1980 NBA All-Star Game, league owners voted to what?
A: Admit the new team.

Where did the team's name come from?
A: The 19571962 TV western Maverick.

How was the name chosen?
A: By the fans with 4600 postcards received, beating Wranglers and Express.


James Garner, who played the namesake character, was what?
A: A member of the ownership group.

There was some controversy at the time because what school also uses the Mavericks nickname?
A: The University of Texas at Arlington.

They joined the Midwest Division of the Western Conference, where they would stay until the league did what?
A: Went to six divisions for the 2004–05 season.

Who was hired as the team's first head coach?
A: Dick Motta, who had guided the Washington Bullets to the NBA Championship in 1977–78.

Motta had a well-earned reputation of being a stern disciplinarian, but was also a great what?
A: Teacher of the game.

Kiki Vandeweghe of UCLA was drafted by the Mavs in the 1980 NBA draft, but what happened?
A: Vandeweghe refused to play for the expansion Mavericks.

He staged a holdout that lasted until what?
A: A month into the team's inaugural season.


Vandeweghe was traded to whom?
A: The Denver Nuggets.

In the Mavericks' debut game, taking place in the brand-new Reunion Arena, the Mavericks defeated what team , 103–92?
A: The Spurs.

But the Mavs started the season with a 6–40 record on their way to finishing with what record?
A:  15–67.

Who was tracked down and signed by the Mavs in December?
A: Journeyman 6 ft 3 in guard Brad Davis.

Davis started the Mavs' final 26 games, led the team in what?
A: Assists, and his career soared.

How long did he spend with the Mavericks?
A: The next twelve years.

The 1981 NBA Draft brought what three players who would become vital parts of the team?
A: Mark Aguirre with the first pick, Rolando Blackman 9th, and Jay Vincent 24th.


By the end of his seven-year Mavs career, Aguirre would average how many points per game?
A: 24.6.

Blackman contributed how many points over his 11-year career in Dallas?
A: 19.2.

But it was Jay Vincent who made the biggest difference for the Mavs in their second season, leading the team in scoring with how many points per game and earning NBA All-Rookie Team honors?
A: 21.4.

The Mavericks improved to what record?
A: 28–54, getting out of the Midwest Division cellar as they finished above the Utah Jazz.

In 1982–83, the Mavericks were what?
A: Serious contenders for the first time.

At the All-Star break, they were 25–24 and had won how many of their last 15 games?
A: 12.

They could not sustain that momentum, and finished seven games behind what team for the sixth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference?
A: The Denver Nuggets.


But the Mavs' 38–44 record was a 10-game improvement from what?
A: The previous season.

Who led the 1982–83 Mavericks with 24.4 points per game, finishing sixth in the NBA?
A: Mark Aguirre.

Jay Vincent and Rolando Blackman contributed how many points per game?
A: 18.7 and 17.7, respectively.

Brad Davis was 10th in the NBA in what?
A: Assists with 7.2 per game.

He shot .845 from where?
A: The free-throw line, 6th in the league.

Derek Harper was drafted by the Mavs with the 11th pick of what draft?
A: The 1983 NBA draft.

The 6 ft 4 in guard would spend the next decade with the organization, averaging how many points per game?
A: 15.


How many assists did he average?
A: 6.1 assists.

The Mavericks' in 1983–84 posted a winning record for the first time in what?
A: Franchise history, finishing 43–39 and second in the Midwest Division.

The Mavs also earned the first "what" in franchise history?
A: playoff berth.

Mark Aguirre was named the team's first NBA what?
A:  All-Star, as he finished with an average of 29.5 points per game—second in the league to Utah's Adrian Dantley.

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