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San Antonio Trivia Questions

Trivia questions about the City of San Antonio

jhuu is the seventh-most populous city in what?
A: The United States.

It’s the second largest city in what?
A: The Southern United States.

Where is it the second-most populous city?
A: In Texas as well as the 12th most populous city in North America.

How many residents did it have in 2020?
A: 1,434,625.

It was founded as a what?
A: A Spanish mission and colonial outpost in 1718.


When did the city become the first chartered civil settlement in present-day Texas?
A: In 1731.

The area was still part of what?
A: The Spanish Empire, and later of the Mexican Republic.

It is the state's oldest municipality, having celebrated its 300th anniversary on May 1, 2018.

The city was the fastest growing of the top ten largest cities in the United States during what period?
A: From 2000 to 2010, and the second from 1990 to 2000.

The city of San Antonio serves as the seat of what county?
A: Bexar County.

Commonly called the Greater San Antonio, the metropolitan area had a population of 2,601,788 based on the 2020 U.S. census estimates, making it the what?
A: The 24th-largest metropolitan area in the United States and third largest in Texas.


Straddling the regional divide between South and Central Texas, San Antonio anchors the southwestern corner of an urban megaregion colloquially known as what?
A: The Texas Triangle.

Downtown San Antonio and Downtown Austin are how far apart?
A: Approximately 80 miles (129 km) apart, both falling along the Interstate 35 corridor.

Some observers expect the two metropolitan regions to form a new what?
A: Metroplex like Dallas and Fort Worth.

San Antonio was named by a 1691 Spanish expedition for whom?
A: The Portuguese priest Saint Anthony of Padua, whose feast day is June 13.

The city contains how many 18th-century Spanish frontier missions?
A: Five, including The Alamo and San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.

Commercial entertainment includes what amusement parks?
A: Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Morgan's Wonderland amusement parks.

According to the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, the city is visited by how many tourists a year.?
A: About 32 million.

It is home to what five-time National Basketball Association (NBA) champion?
A: The San Antonio Spurs.

The U.S. Armed Forces have numerous facilities in and around San Antonio, and Fort Sam Houston is the only one within what?
A: The city limits.

San Antonio is home to how many Fortune 500 companies?
A: Four.

San Antonio is also the largest majority-Hispanic city in the United States, with how much of its population being Hispanic.?
A: 64%.



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