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Dallas Texas Trivia Questions

Trivia questions with answers about Dallas Texas

Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and the largest city in what?
A: The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States at 7.5 million people.

It is the largest city in and seat of what county?
A: Dallas County.

What was the 2020 census population?
A: 1,304,379.

It is the ninth most-populous city in the U.S. and the third largest in Texas after what cities?
A: Houston and San Antonio.

Located in the North Texas region, the city of Dallas is the main core of what?
A: The largest metropolitan area in the southern United States and the largest inland metropolitan area in the U.S. that lacks any navigable link to the sea.


The cities of Dallas and nearby Fort Worth were initially developed due to what?
A: The construction of major railroad lines through the area allowing access to cotton, cattle and later oil in North and East Texas.

The construction of the Interstate Highway System reinforced Dallas's prominence as a what?
A: A transportation hub, with four major interstate highways converging in the city and a fifth interstate loop around it.

Dallas then developed as a strong industrial and financial center and a major what?
A: Inland port, due to the convergence of major railroad lines, interstate highways and the construction of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Dominant sectors of its diverse economy include what?
A: Defense, financial services, information technology, telecommunications, and transportation.

The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex hosts how many Fortune 500 companies?
A: 23.

How many colleges and universities are located within its metropolitan area?
A: Over 41, which is the most of any metropolitan area in Texas.

The city has a population from a myriad of ethnic and religious backgrounds and one of the largest what?
A: LGBT communities in the U.S.

WalletHub named Dallas what?
A: The fifth most diverse city in the United States in 2018.

What people were the original recorded inhabitants in the Dallas area before Spanish colonists claimed the territory of Texas in the 18th century as a part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain?
A: The Caddo people.

 Later, France also claimed the area but never what?
A: Established much settlement.


In all, six flags have flown over the area preceding and during the city's history: those of whom?
A: France, Spain, and Mexico, the flag of the Republic of Texas, the Confederate flag, and the flag of the United States of America.

In 1819, the Adams–Onís Treaty between the United States and Spain defined what as the northern boundary of New Spain, officially placing the future location of Dallas well within Spanish territory?
A: The Red River.

The area remained under Spanish rule until 1821, when Mexico did what?
A: Declared independence from Spain, and the area was considered part of the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas.

In 1836, Texians, with a majority of Anglo-American settlers, gained what from Mexico?
A: independence, and formed the Republic of Texas.

Three years after Texas achieved independence, who surveyed the area around present-day Dallas?
A: John Neely Bryan.


In 1839, accompanied by his dog and a Cherokee he called Ned, he did what?
A: He planted a stake in the ground on a bluff located near three forks of the Trinity River and left.

Two years later, in 1841, he returned to do what?
A: Establish a permanent settlement named Dallas.

The official historical marker states it was named after whom?

A: Vice President George M. Dallas of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Republic of Texas was annexed by the United States in what year?
A: 1845 and Dallas County was established the following year.

Dallas was formally incorporated as a city on what date?
A: February 2, 1856.



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