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1979 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers For Seniors

1979 Trivia quiz with answers great for seniors


1979 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers For Seniors

The United States and the People's Republic of China establish what?
A: full diplomatic relations.

The State of Ohio agrees to pay $675,000 to families of the dead and injured as a result of what?
A: The Kent State shootings.

Queen releases "Don't Stop Me Now", and it becomes what?
A: One of their most popular singles.

The Music for UNICEF Concert is held at the United Nations General Assembly to raise money for UNICEF and promote what?
A: The Year of the Child.

Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi flees Iran with his family, relocating to where?
A: Egypt.

Former U.S. Attorney General John N. Mitchell is released on parole after spending 19 months where?
A: At a federal prison in Alabama.

Pope John Paul II arrives where?
A: Mexico City for his first visit to Mexico.


What hit TV show debuts on CBS?
A: Dukes of Hazzard.

Brenda Ann Spencer opens fire at a school in San Diego, killing and wounding killing 2 faculty members and wounding 8 students and a police officer. What was her justification?
A: “I don't like Mondays".

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returns to Tehran, Iran after what?
A: Nearly 15 years of exile.

Supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini take over what?
A: The Iranian law enforcement, courts and government administration.

Pluto moves inside Neptune's orbit for the first time since either was what?
A: Known to science.

German criminal Josef Mengele suffers a stroke and drowns while what?
A: Swimming in Bertioga, Brazil.

The Iranian army mutinies and does what?
A: Joins the Islamic Revolution.


Ayatollah Khomeini seizes power in Iran, overthrowing who?
A: Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavi.

In Kabul, Muslim extremists kidnap whom?
A: The American ambassador to Afghanistan, Adolph Dubs.

The Sahara Desert experiences what for 30 minutes?
A: Snow.

Saint Lucia becomes independent of the what?
A: United Kingdom.

The U.S. Voyager 1 space probe photos reveal what?
A: Jupiter's rings.

Philips demonstrates “what” publicly for the first time?
A: The compact disc.

Maurice Bishop leads a successful coup in what country?
A: Grenada.


The first fully functional Space Shuttle orbiter, Columbia, is delivered to where?
A: The Kennedy Space Center, to be prepared for its first launch.

In a ceremony at the White House, President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel do what?
A: Sign a peace treaty.

America's most serious “what” occurs, at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania?
A: Nuclear power plant accident.

Iran's government becomes what?
A: An Islamic Republic by a 98% vote, overthrowing the Shah officially.

Schoolchildren in the Central African Republic are arrested, and around 100 killed, for protesting what?
A: Protesting against compulsory school uniforms.

President Jimmy Carter is attacked by a what?
A: Swamp rabbit while fishing in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, USA.

Margaret Thatcher becomes the country's first what?
A: Female prime minister


A Unabomber bomb injures what Northwestern University graduate student?
A:  John Harris.

Dan White receives a light sentence for killing whom?
A: San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk.

The Montréal Canadiens defeat what team 4 games to 1 in the best-of-seven series, winning the Stanley Cup?
A: New York Rangers.

John Spenkelink is executed in Florida, in the first use of the “what” in America after the reintroduction of the death penalty in 1976?
A: The electric chair.

McDonald's introduces what?
A: The Happy Meal.

Pope John Paul II arrives in his native Poland on his first official, nine-day stay, becoming what?
A: The first Pope to visit a Communist country.

Los Angeles' city council passes the city's first homosexual rights bill signed without fanfare by whom?
A: Mayor Thomas Bradley.


Bryan Allen flies the man-powered Gossamer Albatross across what?
A: The English Channel.

Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev sign what?
A: The SALT II agreement in Vienna.

A Nicaraguan National Guard soldier kills who?
A: ABC TV news correspondent Bill Stewart and his interpreter Juan Espinosa.

Where does the Sony Walkman goes on sale for the first time?
A: In Japan.

The U.S. Pioneer 11 becomes the first spacecraft to visit what planet?
A: Saturn, when it passes the planet at a distance of 21,000 km.

ESPN, known as the Entertainment Sports Programming Network, is what?
A: Launched.

A major gay rights march in the United States takes place where?
A: In Washington, D.C., involving tens of thousands of people.

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