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Science Trivia Questions and Answers


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Science Trivia Questions and Answers

What was the first city to be leveled by a plutonium-based atomic bomb?
A: Nagasaki.

What high-level computer language was named after a French mathematician and philosopher?

What Mercury astronaut had a pulse rate of 170 at lift-off-John Glenn, Alan Shepard or Gus Grissom?
A: Gus Grissom.

What type of vessel was powered by a hand-cranked propeller when first used in combat in 1176?
A: A submarine.

What creature proved to be much faster than a horse in a 1927 race in Sydney, Australia?
A: The Kangaroo.

What radioactive element is extracted from carnotite and pitchblende?
A: Uranium.

What organ of a buffalo did Plains Indians use to make yellow paint?
A: The gallbladder.


What optical aids was nearsighted model Grace Robin the first to show off in 1930?
A: Contact lenses.

What creature's fossilized leg bone did John Horner discover red blood cells in, in 1993?
A: A tyrannosaurus rex's.

What sticky sweetener was traditionally used as an antiseptic ointment for cuts and burns?
A: Honey.

What computer was introduced in 1984 Super Bowl ads?
A: The Macintosh.

What male body part did Mademoiselle magazine find to be the favorite of most women?
A: Eyes.

What planet is named after the Greek god who personified the sky?
A: Uranus.

What fat substitute got FDA approval for use in snack foods, despite reports of diarrhea and cramps?
A: Olestra.

What plant's meltdown was dubbed "Russian Roulette" by nuclear power wags?
A: Chernobyl's.


What is a single unit of quanta called?
A: A quantum.

What will fall off of the Great Sphinx in 200 years due to pollution and erosion, according to scholar Chikaosa Tanimoto?
A: It's head.

What suntan lotion was developed by Dr. Ben Green in 1944 to protect pilots who bailed out over the Pacific?
A: Coppertone.

What was Friedrich Serturner the first to extract from opium and use as a pain reliever?
A: Morphine.

What substance nets recyclers the most money?
A: Aluminum.

What are you shopping for if you are sized up by a Brannock Device?
A: Shoes.

What animal travels at 25 mph under water but finds it easier to toboggan on its belly on land?
A: The penguin.

What's the itchy skin condition tinea pedis better known as?
A: Athlete's foot.


What uncooked meat is a trichina worm most likely to make a home in?
A: Pork.

How many of every 10 victims infected by the Ebola virus will die in two days?
A: Nine.

What computer company was named after a founder's memories of spending a summer in an Oregon orchard?
A: Apple.

What butterfly-shaped gland is located just in front of the windpipe?
A: The Thyroid.

What's short for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation"?
A: Laser.

What planet is the brightest object in the sky, after the sun and moon?
A: Venus.

What weapon did German gunsmith August Kotter unload on the world in 1520?
A: The rifle.

What type of machine did 19-year-old French genius Blaise Pascal invent to help his dad do taxes in 1642?
A: An adding machine.


What do leukemia sufferers have too many of?
A: White blood cells, or leukocytes.

What Benjamin Holt invention was good news to farmers in 1900?
A: The tractor.

What weather phenomenon is measured by the Beaufort scale?
A: Wind.

What do itchy people call the "rhus radicans" they were sorry they came into contact with?
A: Poison Ivy.

What drupaceous fruit were Hawaiian women once forbidden by law to eat?
A: The coconut.




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