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Invention Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free invention trivia questions with answers.

Invention Trivia Questions

Psychologist and inventor William Mouton Marston created the famous comic book heroine Wonder Woman. What machine did he invent?
A: Polygraph, or lie detector machine.

Necessity is the mother of invention was suggested by whom?
A: Ovid.

Helen Keller dedicated her autobiography, The Story of My Life, to whom?
A: The great inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who considered himself first and foremost a teacher of the deaf.

Inventor Joseph Arkwright was responsible for an important breakthrough in what industrial process in 1768?
A: Spinning Cotton.

Nobel Prize winning inventor William Shockley, admitted that he had contributed his sperm to a sperm bank in hopes of producing gifted children. What is he famous for inventing?
A: Transistor.

What was it that Benjamin Holt invented that made farmers happy?
A: Tractor.

Robert Stirling, inventor of the Stirling Engine, had what occupation?
A: Priest.


Polio vaccine inventor Dr. Jonas Salk came out of retirement in 1987 because of what disease?

William James Morrison, the inventor of the cotton candy machine, was a what?
A: Dentist.

The crescograph, invented by Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose, measures what?
A: Plant movements.

Who is credited with inventing paper from bark and hemp in the second century?
A: Ts'ai Lun.

What inventor of dynamite and founder of the Nobel Prize, also invented what building material?
A: Plywood.

What nationality was Adolph Sax, inventor of the saxophone?
A: Belgian.

At the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, what kitchen invention took the top prize?
A: The Dishwasher.


In 1934 who invented a car that could carry eleven passengers, got 30 miles per gallon, and could do over 120 mph?
A: Buckminster Fuller.

A gibus would be worn on what part of the body?
A: On his head - It is an opera hat named for its inventor, Antoine Gibus. It was a collapsible hat.

How often did Thomas Edison think he should come up with a new invention?
A: A minor invention every 10 days and a big think every six months or so.

What invention is Robert Oppenheimer remembered for?
A: Atomic Bomb.

Pocket size radios were made possible by what invention developed by Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1947?
A: Transistor.

In which century was the shoe lace invented?
A: The eighteenth century.

What was invented by the Sumerians in 3500 B.C.?
A: The plow.

What was it that Edwin Budding invented that changed the face of English landscapes in the 1820s?
A: The lawn mower.

Who invented the revolving door to keep cold air out of buildings in winter?
A: Theophilus Van Kannel.

What is Louis Armstrong credited with inventing?
A: Scat singing.

Thomas Edison announced the invention of the electric battery in what year?
A: 1902.

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