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Thomas Edison Quiz Questions With Answers

Thomas Edison quiz questions with answers.


Thomas Edison Trivia Quiz Questions

Who was Thomas Alva Edison?
A: Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman.

Where was Thomas Edison born?
A: In Milan, Ohio.

Where did Thomas grow up?
A: In Port Huron, Michigan.

He was the seventh and last child of whom?
A: Samuel Ogden Edison, Jr. and Nancy Matthews Elliott.

His father had to escape from Canada because he took part in what?
A: The unsuccessful Mackenzie Rebellion of 1837.

In school, the young Edison's mind often wandered, and his teacher, the Reverend Engle, was overheard calling him what?
A: "addled".

This ended Edison's what?
A: Three months of official schooling.


Edison's mother taught him at home, and much of his education came from reading what?
A:  R.G. Parker's School of Natural Philosophy and The Cooper Union.

Edison developed what kind of health problems at an early age?
A: hearing.

Edison's family moved to Port Huron, Michigan, after what?
A: The railroad bypassed Milan in 1854 and business declined.

Edison sold candy and newspapers on trains running from Port Huron to Detroit, and sold vegetables to what?
A: Supplement his income.

He also studied qualitative analysis, and conducted chemical experiments on the train until what happened?
A: An accident prohibited further work of the kind.

Edison, with the aid of four assistants, set in type and printed what?
A: The Grand Trunk Herald.

This began Edison's long streak of what?
A: Entrepreneurial ventures, as he discovered his talents as a businessman.


These talents eventually led him to found how many companies, including General Electric, which is still one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world?
A: 14.

Edison became a telegraph operator after he did what?
A: He saved three-year-old Jimmie MacKenzie from being struck by a runaway train.

Jimmie's father, station agent J.U. MacKenzie of Mount Clemens, Michigan, was so grateful that he did what?
A:  He trained Edison as a telegraph operator.

Edison's first telegraphy job away from Port Huron was where?
A: At Stratford Junction, Ontario, on the Grand Trunk Railway.

At the age of 19, Edison moved to where?
A: Louisville, Kentucky.

As an employee of Western Union, he worked the Associated Press bureau what?
A: News wire.

Edison requested the night shift, which allowed him plenty of time to spend at his two favorite pastimes, which were what?
A: Reading and experimenting.


Eventually, the latter pre-occupation cost him what?
A: His job.

One night in 1867, he was working with a lead–acid battery when he spilled what?
A: Sulfuric acid onto the floor.

It ran between the floorboards and onto what?
A: His boss's desk below.

The next morning Edison was what?
A: Fired.

One of his mentors during those early years was a fellow telegrapher and inventor with what name?
A: Franklin Leonard Pope.

Pope allowed the impoverished youth to live and work where?
A: In the basement of his Elizabeth, New Jersey, home.

Some of Edison's earliest inventions were related to what?
A: Telegraphy, including a stock ticker.


His first patent was for a what?
A: An electric vote recorder, (U.S. Patent 90,646).

On December 25, 1871, who did Edison marry?
A: 16-year-old Mary Stilwell, whom he had met two months earlier.

She was an employee at  what?
A: One of his shops.

How many children did they have?
A: Three.

What were the names of his three children?
A: Marion Estelle Edison, Thomas Alva Edison, and William Leslie Edison.

Mary Edison died at age 29 on August 9, 1884, of what?
A: Unknown causes: possibly from a brain tumor or a morphine overdose.

On February 24, 1886, at the age of thirty-nine, Edison married whom?
A: The 20-year-old Mina Miller in Akron, Ohio.

She was the daughter of whom?
A: The inventor Lewis Miller, co-founder of the Chautauqua Institution and a benefactor of Methodist charities.

Edison and Mina had how many children together?
A: Three.

What were their names?
A: Madeleine Edison, Charles Edison, and Theodore Miller Edison.

Mina outlived Thomas Edison, dying on what date?
A:  August 24, 1947.