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New Jersey Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Trivia quiz questions about the state of New Jersey.


New Jersey Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

New Jersey is bordered on the north and east by what U.S. State?
A: New York State.

Which state borders New Jersey on the west?
A: Pennsylvania.

Where does New Jersey rank in size with the rest of the US States?
A: Fourth-smallest state.

Of all the states, New Jersey is the most what?
A: Densely populated.

What is the location of the point of highest elevation in New Jersey?
A: High Point, in Montague Township, Sussex County at 1,803 feet

On the lower west side of the Hudson River there are a line of steep cliffs called what?
A: The Palisades.

How many hours of sunshine does New Jersey get on a yearly basis?
A: Between 2,400 and 2,800.


During the Jurassic Period about 180 million years ago what land mass did New Jersey border?
A: North Africa.

What mountain range resulted from the pressure of the collision between North America and Africa ?
A:  The Appalachian Mountains.

Which Europeans were the first to claim lands in what is now New Jersey?
A: . The Dutch.



New Jersey was one of the Thirteen Colonies that did what in the American Revolution?
A: Revolted against British rule.

Richard Stockton, John Witherspoon, Francis Hopkinson, John Hart, and Abraham Clark were all representatives of New Jersey who did what?
A: Signed the United States Declaration of Independence.

New Jersey is often referred to as "The Crossroads of the Revolution." because during the Revolutionary war, the American and British army's did what?
A:  Crossed New Jersey numerous times.

 The winter quarters of the revolutionary army were established in New Jersey twice by what General ?
A: General George Washington.


During the Revolutionary war, what was  Morristown called?
A: The military capital of the revolution.

0n what date did George Washington and his men cross the Delaware River after dark?
A: December 25–26, 1776.

 After crossing the Delaware, Washington and his men defeated the Hessian troops in what battle?
A: The Battle of Trenton.

What did New Jersey do on December 18, 1787?
A: New Jersey became the third state to ratify the United States Constitution.

On November 20, 1789, New Jersey was the first state in the Union to ratify the what?
A: Bill of Rights.

How many  Civil War battles were fought in New Jersey?
A: None.

 During the Civil War how many men from New Jersey enlisted in the Northern army?
A:  Over 80,000.


What were the names of the two Governors of New Jersey During the Civil War?
A:  Governor Charles Smith Olden, and Governor Joel Parker.

How many patents were granted to inventor Thomas Edison, many of which were for inventions he developed while working in New Jersey?
A: 1093.

Edison's facilities, at Menlo Park and in West Orange, are considered perhaps the first what?
A: Research centers in the U.S.

During World War II, what percentage of the US Military armaments did New Jersey manufacture?
A: 6.8 percent.

How many Nike Missile stations were built in New Jersey?
A: . Fourteen.

John F. Kennedy's famous PT-109, a motor torpedo boat in World War II, was built where?
A: The Elco Boatworks in Bayonne.

Where was the first Miss America Pageant held in 1921?
A: In Atlantic City.


In what year did the Holland Tunnel connecting Jersey City to Manhattan open?
A:  In 1927.

In 1933, where was the first drive-in movie shown?
A: In Camden.

Where did the zeppelin airship, the Hindenburg, crash and burn?
A: Over Lakehurst.

On what date did the first race riots happen in New Jersey?
A: On August 2, 1964.

How many solar electric power installations are there in New Jersey?
A:  More than 10,000.

How many counties does New Jersey have?
A:  21.

What is the New Jersey State animal?
A: The Horse.


What is the New Jersey State bird?
A: Eastern Goldfinch.

What is the New Jersey State freshwater fish?
A: Brook trout.

What is the New Jersey State insect?
A: European honey bee.

What is the New Jersey State flower?
A: Common meadow violet.

What is the New Jersey State motto?
A: "Liberty and Prosperity".

What is the New Jersey State tree?
A: Northern Red Oak.

What is the New Jersey State color?
A: Buff and Jersey Blue.

What is the New Jersey State fruit?
A: Northern highbush blueberry

What is the New Jersey State vegetable               ?
A: Jersey tomato.

What is the New Jersey State shell?
A: Knobbed whelk.

What is the New Jersey State memorial tree?
A: Dogwood.

What is the New Jersey State slogan?
A: Come See For Yourself.

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