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Inventors Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

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Invention Trivia Quiz Questions

Q: What landmark invention did Ts'ai Lun invent from bark and hemp in the second century?
A: Paper.

Q: What did "Art Fry invent after scraps of paper to mark tunes in his hymnal kept falling out?
A: Post-it Notes.

Q: What did Leonardo invent to check humidity while he worked on the Last Supper fresco?
A: The hygrometer.

Q: What country was the first to register a patent on polyester?
A: Briton.

Q: What "foot doctor" held over 300 patents?
A: Dr. Scholl.

Q: What 1947 invention by Bell Telephone Laboratories spawned pocket-sized radios?
A: The transistor.


Q: What disease prompted polio vaccine inventor Dr. Jonas Salk to come out of retirement in 1987?

Q: What was the occupation of cotton candy machine inventor William James Morrison?
A:  Dentist.

Q:  What Italian astronomer invented the thermometer in 1592?
A: Galileo.

Q: What did George Nisser invent after observing high wire performers bouncing on safety nets?
A:  The trampoline.

Q:  What century saw the invention of the shoelace?
A: The eighteenth. 

Q:  What name did George Eastman invent in 1888 because it was easy to memorize, pronounce, and spell?
A: Kodak


Q: What innovative inventor's Dymaaxion car could carry eleven passengers, exceed 120 mph and get 30 miles per gallon in 1934?
A:  Buckminster Fuller's.

Q: What type of structure did R. Buckminster Fuller patent in 1954?
A: The geodesic dome.

Q:  What century saw Alexander Cummings issued the first patent for a flush toilet?
A:  The eighteenth.

Q: What portable device did James Spengler invent in 1907, using a soap box, pillow case, a fan and tape?
A: The vacuum cleaner.

Q:  What landmark invention eased farming chores for Sumerians in 3500 B.C.?
A:  The plow.

Q:  What food product did Hyppolyte Merge-mouries invent in 1868 by treating oils with hydrogen?
A: Margarine.


Q: What British second lieutenant got the idea to fill a canister shell with musket balls and a charge of gunpowder?
A:  Sir Henry Shrapnel.

Q:  Who averaged one patent for every three weeks of his life?
A: Thomas Edison

Q: What kitchen invention took the top prize at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair?
A:   The dishwasher.

Q:  What company gave the world the first electric toothbrush?
A:   Interplak.

Q:  What Edwin Budding invention began changing the face of English landscapes in the 1820s?
A:   The lawn mower.

Q: What invention for keeping cold air out of buildings in winter was patented by Theophilus Van Kannel in 1888?
A:  The revolving door.

Q: What Benjamin Holt invention was good news to farmers in 1900?
A: The Tractor.




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