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Country Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

International trivia questions with answers about foreign countries.

World Country Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Who ruled England from 827 until 860?
A: Egbert, Ethelwulf and Ethelbald?

300,000 Chinese troops invaded a country in February of 1979, what was the country?
A: Vietnam.

Worlds most remote weather station is located in what country?
A: Canada.

What European country was in an official state of emergency from 1933 until 1945?
A: Germany.

Which country lost over seventeen percent of its entire population in World War II?
A: Poland.

Which two countries share Victoria Falls?
A: Zimbabwe and Zambia.

In 1989, what country did the United States invade in what George Will dubbed "an act of hemispheric hygiene"?
A: Panama.


What country did Ion Iliescu take over after its previous president was arrested, tried and shot?
A: Romania.

What North American country enacted the War Powers Act to quell a separatist rebellion in 1970?
A: Canada.

Aruba maintains the strongest ties to what European country?
A: Netherlands.

Fireworks originated in what country?
A: China.

The Saturn V rocket was built by what country?

What European country uses its Latin Name, Helvetia, on its stamps?
A: Switzerland.

In which country was the World Wide Web invented?
A: Switzerland.


China has how many time zones?
A: China has only one time zone. The government requires all clocks throughout the country be synchronized with Beijing.

What is the name of the country that flew the first supersonic airliner in 1968 and had it crash in 1973?
A: The Soviet Union.

The Greek historian Herodotus dubbed what country "the gift of the Nile"?
A: Egypt.

In South America what is the largest country?
A: Brazil.

Japan sends the most what to Australia?
A: Tourists.

Which European country launched Europe's first super high speed passenger train in 1981?
A: France.

Portugal is bordered by only one country, what is it?
A: Spain.


India ink was developed in what country?
A: China.

What country did 153 of the first 400 Nobel Prize-winning scientists call home?
A: The United States.

What country first came up with windmills?
A: It was Iran in A.D. 644 for grinding grain.

A patent on polyester was patented first in what country?
A: Briton.

The worlds first mid air collision took place over what country?
A: Austria.

Eddy Grant comes from what country?
A: Guyana.

Roxette came from which European country?
A: Sweden.


Celine Deion was born in what North American Country?
A: Canada.

What floral symbol do the country of Peru and the state of Kansas have in common?
A: The sunflower.

What country has a volcano called Okinawa?
A: Japan.

Lesotho is a southern African Kingdom surround by which country?
A: South Africa.

In what country can one find 40 species of lemurs?
A: Madagascar.

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